Would you like to share your writing skills?!

Would you like to share your writing skills?!Awaken Consciousness has begun it’s mission to awaken the global consciousness and create awareness on January 1st 2016. The principle behind our website is that we want to keep the website add free and we would like to write and share on positive subjects, uncover hidden information which is paramount and create change. We will stay away from mainstream news, since there are already too many websites that offer that kind of “information”.

Now, since there is a lot of information on a lot of subjects that global public isn’t aware of, this is more than a full time for the few writers our team is currently strong, so we need your help!

A Shout Out to all Creative Minds.

Would you like to share your writing skills?!The philosophy behind this idea is that we believe in a community spirit in which creativeness and ideas are shared for the benefit of the greater good.

Since we are all creators of our own reality, we all have the power to break away from the mind numbing society and to build the future we want to live in.

Each and every one’s creative input in this idea is important because a collective mind thinking as one will strongly influence the morphogenetic field ( see the 100 monkey theory ), which in turn will have local, regional, national and global effects on humanity. This is the way we need to spread awareness and awaken the global consciousness and break through the old conditioning that is anxiously being held in place. A break through in the status quo is our goal.

If you have great knowledge on – or are an expert in – one of the following subjects, and you are willing to spend some time to write an article on a subject of your choice, then we gladly would like to offer you a seat on our writers team.

Subjects of interest:

( not limited to)

  • Healthy & Holistic Living, Aquaponics, Growing Organic foods, Tips & Tricks on off the grid living…
  • Spirituality, Awakening, Meditation, Yoga,…
  • Healing, Energy Healing modalities,
  • Metaphysics, Extra Sensory Perceptions, …
  • Free Energy, Self-Sustainability, …
  • Inspirational, Feel Good, …
  • The importance of and re-connection to nature in all its glory and aspects
  • Ancient Knowledge & History, Ancient Civilizations, interesting ancient techniques that can help humanity today,…
  • Philosophy and Psychology, ..
  • Information (Truth) that is covered up by mainstream media but needs to be spread to create awareness.
  • Information on Off Planet events, Extraterrestrial contacts, … ( yes people, get used to this, it’s very real)
  • World News that could be of interest to humanity and aid in the global awakening.
  • Ways to break through the current educational, cultural, societal and religious conditionings that try to keep the status quo.
  • Profound wisdom that awakens humanity to a new paradigm…

If you feel that there are subjects that you have great knowledge on and that aren’t mentioned in the above list, feel free to make us a proposition 😉


If you are interested, please send us a message through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!

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