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About UsAwaken Consciousness is happy to share with you its thoughts, ideas and philosophies on the setup of this website and the team behind it.

Awaken Consciousness is grown out of a smaller project in which we provided specific content to a specific public. After several years that project has grown to the point we started to get a lot of visitors and we decided to broaden the type of content we provided, without disappearing into the crowd.

Awaken Consciousness will provide some very specific and some more general enticing content.

The more specific information will be hard to find in most cases but we know that what we are providing will be of interest to the general public because of it’s importance, it’s consciousness altering and it’s awakening abilities.

We are convinced that there is a great need for this kind of information because society is being rocked asleep through mind numbing TV shows, it is being thumbed down by their governments, and it is being kept in a perpetual debt by a worldwide corrupt banking system that created money out of thin air.

It is our intention to educate, to inspire and to create consciousness altering awareness. If we can make 1 person understand that society is NOT what it wants us to believe it is, than we have succeeded in our endeavor.

Why become a member?

We have created this website in such a way to be able to build a caring community. A caring community that understands the importance of providing correct and truthful information to the people. We will be focusing on positive, educational, inspiring and truthful information.

We were hoping that more people would support our project by donating, unfortunately, we haven’t received enough donations to be able to maintain our website and we are now also starting to put advertisement on the site in a hope to generate enough money to keep the website up and running.

We see it as an exchange of energy.

We have no intention of becoming rich, but we do need to be sustainable if we want to be able to do what we are doing.

If would like to make a contribution, please do so by clicking on our Paypal donation button.

We highly appreciate support towards keeping this website advertisement free! Thank You!

Our Team

The Awaken Consciousness team exists out of a few people who are searchers and researchers with the right morals and values who contribute their efforts to the higher good of humanity. We like to share our knowledge and dedication with you for the betterment of the overall global expansion of consciousness. We feel there is a strong need to inform and to assist in the awakening process and to bring back the joy and happiness in peoples lives.

High vibration information is what we guarantee to bring you.

We are currently looking for people who would like to share their creative thoughts and idea’s with Awaken Consciousness in the form of writing articles.

If you feel called to answer to our call, please read this first and feel free to drop us a line via our contact page.

We sincerely would like to thank our supporters for making all of this possible!

The Awaken Consciousness Team.

about us about us

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