When the veil is lifted.

In March of 2015 my girlfriend had sent me a picture that inspired me to write a little piece on it. I had gone through my personal awakening and I was aware of what was going on around me and in the world, and this picture summarized what had happened to me not that long before.

Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist is that made this beautiful image.

In this case it literally says more than a thousand words.

Enjoy 😉

When The Veil Is Lifted

When the veil is lifted.

When the veil, that social and cultural conditioning has put over our eyes, is lifted, we awaken to a whole new world.

A world of never before seen beauty that makes us realize that we have been lied to all along.

A world that shows us that there is much more to our purpose than what society wants us to believe.

When the veil is lifted, consciousness starts to awaken to its fullest potential and atheism and religion make place for inner spirituality and the awakening of Self. Those who are awakening are drawn to meditation, through which we can explore consciousness to the fullest, unlock innate powers that were dormant, and access realms that we never knew existed.

When the veil is lifted, and our eyes are closed, we will see what the Divine universe has gifted us with, and it will become clear that we have been living an illusion all along. An illusion that has been held in place by institutions whose only interest it is to keep us asleep and to prevent us from exploring and using our fullest potential.

When the veil is lifted, humanity will re-educate itself and become connected with each other and with nature again, and we will thrive once again. Powerful and Divine beings we are, with enormous capabilities, and each and every one of us has the potential to tap into these powers.

When the veil is lifted, we will know that mind over matter is a fact and that we can heal ourselves through our thoughts and intentions, that we can heal others through the healing powers that the universe has blessed us with. The quantum field awaits your attendance.

When the veil is lifted, and the eyes are closed, the one eye will see all. Divine and life changing encounters reveal themselves to those who are willing to explore the unbound mind, for it is therein that lays the kingdom that is inside all of us.

Divinity, bliss and unconditional love awaits those who choose to pull away the veil that has been placed before their eye.

The ever present chatter in your mind will diminish and unity will once again be bestowed in your mind, body and soul.

But only… When the veil is lifted.

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan

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