Plandemic – The hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19

Plandemic – The hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19


Here is a summary of Dr. Mikovits comments regarding the malign psycopthic criminal, Dr. Anthony Facui. She exposed that the use of animal and fetal tissue lies in vaccine development were causing pandemics of cancer and disease. Words in quotes, are direct quotations.

          • I was arrested for revealing the truth about vaccines.
          • I was as an under a gag order for 5 years, threatening me with fines to speak the truth.
          • I was not able to bring 97 witnesses to testify on my behalf.
          • I was held in jail with no charges, labeled a fugitive of justice, no warrant, dragged me out of house, searched my house without a warrant.
          • They were looking for information which they claimed I have and when they did not find it they planted it in my house.
          • I can prove without a shadow of doubt that I was innocent.
          • Heads of the NIH, FBI were in collusion against me.
          • All due process rights were taken away from me. The case was held under seal so that my lawyers could not even admit it existed. I could not even say I needed a lawyer.
          • I have confidence to call out these criminal.
          • Anthony Fauci directed the coverup. Everyone else was payed off, big time, millions of dollars of funding, from the NIAID. These investigators were paid big and continue to be.
          • What Fauci is saying is absolute propaganda. The same kind of propaganda he used to kill millions since 1984.
          • I was part of the team which isolated HIV from saliva and blood in patients in France.
          • This was a confirmatory study, but Fauci and Gallo worked to spin the story another way.
          • Fauci tried to stop a medical paper going to print and demanded a pre-publication copy, and threatened her with being fired.
          • Rossetti gave Fauci a copy, who delayed publication of the paper while Gallo wrote a contrary paper. The delay killed millions.
          • I did not know my work in 1992, was work which was avoided deliberately because of Fauci’s arrogance and Robert Redfield, working together, to take credit and make money on patents on the wrong kind of therapy. Had that not happened, millions would not have died.
          • It is a conflict of interest that men who hold patents are directing health responses.
          • I call on President Trump to repeal the Bahy-Dole Act.
          • That Act gave government works the right to patent work they discovered on their jobs. Ever since that happened this allowed conflicts of interest destroy research.
          • Gates has no expertise and should not be allow to speak or suggest policy.
          • They will kill millions with their COVID vaccine.
          • There is no vaccine scheduled for production with is a RNA vaccine that works.
          • I am not anti-vaccine. My job is to develop vaccines.
        • This virus is not naturally occurring. This family of virus was studied and manipulated. This is what was released, deliberately or not. This virus did not jump directly from animal to man. It would take upto 800 years for this to happen naturally. This occurred from Sars 1 in one decade.
        • Where was this Virus developed: I know where: between the NC laboratories, Ft. Detrick and the Wuhan Laboratory.
        • In 1999, I worked at Ft. Detrick. My job was to teach Ebola to infect humans. It could not infect humans before.
        • This Epidemic was claimed on the basis of classification of victims without testing or infection, Dr. Brix.
        • You do not die with an infection, you die from an infection.
        • $13,000 from Medicare is awarded to each Hospital, if one ventilator you get $39,000 — And if you put them on a ventilator you kill them, because that is the wrong treatment.
        • Italy has a very old population, very sick with inflammatory disorders. They were given in 2019 an untested new form of influenza Vaccine with 4 strains of influenza, including the highly pathogenic H1N1. That Vaccine was grown in a dog cell line.
        • The AMA was threatening doctors with removing their licenses if they used Hydroxychloroquine. But Fauci said it was hearsay.
        • Seramin, restores the voice to autistic children. Big Pharma took it away.
        • We need to take all the money they made on their patents and give it to the victims.
        • Non patented medicine is not profitable. The game is to prevent therapies until everyone is infected. And knowing that using vaccines increases 39% succeptibily to Coronavirus.
        • Wearing on masks literally makes you more likely to get sick from the viruses you already have.
        • Why close the beach? That is insanity. There are healing microbes in the sand and sea water.
        • It is beyond comprehension that a society can be so fooled by propaganda which is designed to make us hate one another.
        • Hopefully this is the wake up call to all to realize that this makes no sense.
        • Information like this will take down the entire corrupt program.
        • I glad to see doctors are waking up and speaking out.
        • It is not the scientists. They are listening to people who for 40 have controlled what gets studied.
        • I say to medical professionals: Forgive yourselves. We had no idea that the data we were taught was data which was not true. Journals have twisted news of discoveries which would have cured all.
        • I started an education company to wake up doctors.


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