The becoming of who you are told you are not, is something that more and more people are waking up to. As if struck by lightning, we sometimes have moments in which we realize with an astounding clarity that there is something unexplainable going on around us. Often an event like this happens suddenly without it being given any prior thoughts and it signifies that our atmosphere around us is trying to tell us something. Sudden chills running from the bottom of our spine into our neck, hair raising all over our body accompanied with shivers, flashes of images in front of our eyes which we can’t explain nor understand (yet). These are all indications of alterations in the electro-magnetic field that surrounds us. Since we are all sensitive human beings, and some much more than others, we pick up on these changes in the electro-magnetic fields and our bodies respond accordingly. Events like this are just an example of what our bodies are capable of. Children are much more open and sensitive to external impulses such as metaphysical occurrences, seeing non-human entities, hearing things other people can’t hear, seeing things other people can’t see, having memories of past lives, extrasensory perception, … There are numerous accounts of children who have these abilities.  Unfortunately, the western world does not condone these ideas for several reasons. Science has a very big influence on western society and it uses its influence to suppress these ideas and abilities from a very young age, starting as soon as from the moment children go to school. Many of this planet’s brightest scientists like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, John Wheeler, Niels Bohr, Buckminster Fuller and Erwin Schrödinger (just to name a few) all supported the idea that metaphysics should be a part of the accepted scientific framework.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. ~ Nikola Tesla

THE BECOMING OF WHO YOU ARE TOLD YOU ARE NOTAnything spiritually or metaphysical is generally just the physics we do not yet understand and it is often perceived as an area of experience that is “off limits” to talk about. One cannot be “Licensed”, “Qualified” or “Credentialed” to talk about metaphysics hence the aggressive stance of the scientific community. How amazing that Metaphysics, in discovering the miraculous world of what is perceivable by our sixth sense, simultaneously constructs a “don’t-go-there zone” regarding what we are and are not allowed to talk about. So, the general global scientifically acceptable conditioning states that we are simple mortals with 5 limited senses and all other theories are ridiculed and the author of those theories discredited. If you want to keep working as a scientist and want to maintain a certain level of credibility, you simply don’t talk about metaphysics, period. The framework that science has created for itself has become like a religion which I’d like to call “Scientism”. Abide to what the book of science prescribes and you will be glorified, if you do not, then you will be abolished.

Restricting the body of knowledge to a small group deadens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty. ~ Albert Einstein

You are not what you have been told you are.

But enough about that already, this article is not about stating the obvious, it is about awakening you to who you really are. Because a lot of people think they are what they have been told they are, without giving it any further notice, often out of convenience and ignorance. In this day and age of easily accessible information, one has to understand that ignorance is a choice and the excuse “I didn’t know” holds little validity anymore. If you have not already awoken to this knowledge, then know that you are far more than you have been told you are, far more than what you could have possibly thought of, far more than you have taken for granted of what you are able to perceive… You are NOT just “a human”, you are an incredible complex composition of divine engineering that is nothing short of utterly amazing. Don’t just waste your life running around being oblivious to this understanding and start doing research today if you can. Look into the power of belief, the law of attraction, the power of manifestation, the ability to heal yourself and others through source energy. Take a look in our e-book library where you can find tons of FREE e-books on many of life’s most essential subjects.

There are three classes of people: Those who see, Those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Everything is light and frequency.

Understand that everything is light and frequency, so are you. The phrase “raising your vibration” isn’t just a new age or worthless saying. Everything resonates at a certain frequency, literally EVERYTHING. It is important to understand that it is healthy to maintain an as high as possible bodily frequency. Why? Because our brain and many other body parts function through electrical impulses. The higher our personal frequency, the faster our body will be able to process these electrical impulses and the better our body will function, especially the brain! Research how the crystalline structure of Diatomaceous Earth can benefit the functions of your body. The higher our frequency the more receptive we become to higher frequency events occurring around us, hence the increasing ability to perceive metaphysical events like clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and others. More people are also beginning to realize that the Pineal Gland plays a huge role in being able to see behind the veil. In this article is explained what the Pineal Gland is and how it can have a huge influence on your awakening process. These abilities are nothing to be afraid off, on the contrary, they are part of the natural state of “humans”. They have been suppressed since childhood and it can be a little scary when you wake up to them because you might start to see, hear or know things that others do not. Fear not and embrace these abilities if you are blessed with them or are opening up to them.

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analyses, we ourselves are part of the mystery we are trying to solve. ~ Max Planck

Know your amazing heart

The heart is so much more than an organ that pumps blood around in our body. It has it’s own electro-magnetic field, just like the brain, only, the electro-magnetic field of the heart is electrically 100 times and magnetically 5000 times stronger than that of the brain. This has huge implications on the people that surround us and even on our surroundings far beyond our personal space. Gregg Braden is a scientist who has been blending metaphysics and science very successfully throughout his career. In this short video he describes perfectly how our heart changes the stuff what we are made of by changing the electro-magnetic field in it’s vicinity and beyond.

 The HeartMath institute conducts scientific studies on how we can increase the personal – social and global coherence between our heart and our brain by becoming more conscious of ourselves and our surrounding. This short video explains perfectly how this all works and also makes one realize the effect we have on others because of the emotions we are emitting through our heart space.

Let’s put this phrase on a plaque and hang it on the wall! As more of humanity practices heart-based living, it will qualify the “rite of passage” into the next level of consciousness. Using our heart’s intuitive guidance will become common sense based on practical intelligence. Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath

The fundamental misperceptions on which we base our civilization are the destructive elements leading to our extinction.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a biologist specialized in Epigenetics and he has done some remarkable research with even more remarkable results. Classical science tell us that we are depending on our genetic make-up for health, age and many other things. Turns out that we ourselves have a very big influence on our genes and are able to change our genes. Since perception controls life and miss-perceptions can kill you, and you recognize that the fundamental perceptions on which we base our civilization are the destructive elements leading to our extinction, we can’t but realize that the time has come for this consciousness altering knowledge to enter the public, and set aside the conditioning and cognitive dissonance that has been pushed upon us. Civilization will then take a radical turn and move off into a new situation of thrive and harmony and wholeness. That’s the direction that the new generation should be going to. Here he explains in an eye opening way how we can grab a hold of our lives again and regain power over ourselves and our health. 

People perish because of the lack of this knowledge! Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind. ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton


Become who you really are

It is clear by now that we are not who we have been told we are. We are powerful beings beyond measure, literally. It is high time we start believing in our abilities again and regain our natural divine state instead of being the thumbed down, disconnected individuals that society would like us to believe we are. It is high time to take back our sovereignty and realize that our conditioning has become a choice. Break away from the mind numbing world that has kept us captive and open up to a world of Self knowledge, Love, understanding, wisdom and insights that will lead us to our true destiny.

All things are possible. Who you are is limited only by who you think you are. The moment when believing turns in to knowing, is the moment when real transformation takes place. ~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan

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