Covid Vaccine Victims – John Francis

John Francis Foley: 21-year-old University of Cincinnati student dead 24 hours after Johnson & Johnson shot

CINCINNATI — The Food and Drug Administration and Centers For Disease Control recommended pausing administration of the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shots . Unfortunately the shots claimed another victim 24 hours earlier.

Mr. John Francis Foley was a National Honor Society pre-med student at the University of Cincinnati. He made the Dean’s List every semester and volunteered for several organizations in his free time. Many colleges and universities are mandating experimental COVID-19 shots for all students in the Fall 2021 semester, despite many legal grey areas.

The University of Cincinnati, for now, is not mandating experimental shots this upcoming fall semester. But we saw Rutgers University make a complete about-face on this issue. The university announced on January 25 it would not mandate mandatory experimental shots. Exactly two months later, the university changed its policy and mandated experimental shots for all students, but not faculty.

Tragic death

Mr. John Francis Foley voluntarily received the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot on Saturday morning, April 10 – two days before the CDC/FDA pause. He felt ill that evening, according to accounts on Facebook. The 21-year-old college junior went to sleep, hoping he’d feel better after a good night’s rest. But he never woke up.

Young Mr. Foley died peacefully in his sleep that night, according to his mother, Mary Beth Foley.


Jennifer Snyder Benedict, mother of John’s friend Maddie Benedict, also announced his death and J&J shot on Facebook. Mr. Foley’s death was also confirmed by his aunt.

Crisis communications attorney Mark R. Weaver released a statement on behalf of the family.

Mr. Foley wanted to be a doctor. Thus the family is encouraging people to “be patient” while awaiting the autopsy. Despite Mr. Foley dying less than 24 hours after the now-paused experimental J&J shot, it’s inevitable that the official cause of death will not even mention the shot. Some fancy medical term nobody has ever heard of will be the cause of death for a healthy 21-year-old college student who had a 99.997% chance of surviving COVID-19 without the shot.

The wake and funeral will be livestreamed this tomorrow and Friday. The family said people can pay tribute by donating to the St. Charles Preparatory School in the name of the John Francis Foley Scholarship Fund.


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