We have added this educational page because there is such an overwhelming amount of information that we would like to share with you. We have divided it in a few more sub-categories which you can access from the below overview.


Awaken Consciousness is providing a vast selection of e-books on many different subjects like Spirituality, Inspiration, Health, Nutrition, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Psychology, Remote Viewing, Meditation, Yoga, Geometry, Alchemy, Tantra & Kundalini,  Ancient knowledge and Wisdom, Gnosis, Various Healing Modalities, Free energy,etc…

We also offer a selection of very rare books which are really hard to find anywhere!

This section has an incredible amount of knowledge waiting for the eager to learn minds out there.


Sacred Geometry shows us that everything in existence is build from the same building blocks. However, there is much more to Sacred Geometry than the classical platonic solids.

The way the Febonacci sequence interacts with our 60 minute time system is simply mind blowing. In this category we will explain to you why there is NO coincidence in the mathematical resemblances. Prepare to be astounded because this really is mind boggling and profound information and it will most likely take a while before most people can comprehend this information (we know we did).


Throughout the world there are not that many people who have the ambition or the willpower to dig deep into our history to unearth our lost heritage and profound knowledge.

In ancient times the Illuminati were the preservers of knowledge which was too important to let the people have access to because of it’s potential danger when used immorally. Is that where this knowledge is still kept now? You be the judge of that.

What we present in this NEED TO KNOW section is information of which we think that everybody should know it because it is consciousness altering! A vast selection of people who swam against the stream to get to the source of things.

Teachers with profound insights that will change your view on society for ever and researchers who reveal the consciousness altering secrets that have been hidden from humanity. This is indeed a collection more than worth it’s data in gold.

Are you sure you are ready for this? We hope you have turned off your cognitive dissonance before you dive into this new paradigm 😉

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