HOMO VERITAS – Humanity’s Return to Truthful Unity

HOMO VERITAS – Humanity’s Return to Truthful Unity

Homo Veritas is the culmination of the extraordinary experiences of a man who gave up everything to find himself and the truth about our existence. Throughout his transcendental journeys, he unexpectedly found so much more than he had hoped for, and the revelations associated with those journeys transmuted his being into a history alchemist.

Bestowed with a new life’s purpose, he reveals the predicaments of our civilization in ways that instills our hearts with love and our soul with knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom are not for everyone because not everyone is ready to hear them. Many people’s beliefs will be scattered when reading this book, as were his own at the time he was confronted with these scarcely revealed universal truths.

This journey into truth reveals the dark dystopian tragedy of our evolution and has the potential to tilt this misanthropic war ridden world into the divine society many of us yearn for it to be. These revelations have taken several years to transform that which was perceived in Giri’s own private understanding into a vision that is comprehensible by others.

The solutions offered in this book, which were often guided by the Source of all that exists, are the preamble to a new start for humanity.

A world of Truth and Unity.

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