How to obtain change

How to obtain change.

For a long time now I have been so disappointed by what this society is pushing upon us. It seems like a never ending s#*t storm. So here is how to obtain change.

This society exists out of people like you and me, people with many different aspirations, plans, ideas, goals, agendas,.. We are all part of it, but we don’t all have the capability to convey our personal ideas and plans.
We can remain passive and say “it is what it is… I can’t do anything about it”, or we can stand up and make a change.
This change starts with the man/woman in the mirror.
Take a good look at yourself and ask: do I want change ? Keep in mind that if you want change, are you ready to change yourself?

If you aren’t, then stop reading.

If you are, then you might find an idea or two in the text below and your contribution is much appreciated.

How to obtain change.

If we look at nature we see that there is structure and hierarchies, this also goes for humans. Humans often depend on leadership, hence we get to “choose” our leaders through “democratic” voting. We then expect our leaders to have expertise in what they will do in favor of the community they represent. Unfortunately, in many countries leadership is being influenced by conglomerations who only have economic interests, and who will provide financial “support” to political leaders in return of panning out their own agendas.

Leadership is also responsible for our educational system and THAT is where everything starts AND where everything goes wrong from the beginning.

We all are the product of our education, our social and cultural conditioning.

So in order to achieve real change on levels like; environment, healthcare, education, science, social and cultural structure, economy,.. Several changes are paramount, which mostly can only be achieved by leadership… For now.

The people have the responsibility to become self sustainable so they would not depend on their paycheck anymore to provide food and commodities. Adult re-education is necessary, starting with making them realize that they should throw out their TV sets to stop manipulation and brainwashing through media and that the regained time should be invested in self education instead.

So several levels of change are paramount: leadership, adult re-education and a proper education starting in childhood so re-education of adults and leadership will not be necessary over time.

Jesus said: “please forgive them, they know not what they are doing” alluding to the fact that humanity had been led astray from the divine path. Led astray by their leaders who had and still have nothing else in mind but to control and manipulate the masses.

Fighting the old and broken system is what they want us to do to keep us occupied and prevent us from investing time in ourself and rediscovering our divinity.

In conclusion: yes, the people are responsible for their own actions, but first and foremost it is wise leadership which is required to result in a wise community.
It is wise education which will result in responsible adults that will respect the environment they live in, respect each other as human beings and treat each other as equals.

Fighting the old system is useless. Break away civilizations and communities should be created which will operate autonomous without interference of any government. Every individual is born as a free and sovereign being not belonging to any country or government whatsoever and is free to decide in what community it will partake.

That is the essence humanity needs to return to.

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan

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