Energy healing has been applied for centuries if not millennia by adepts who have been initiated in this sacred healing practice. Many different currents have developed over time, but it all comes down to one and the same energy: Source energy. All the different modalities make use of the same energy, because there is only one Source energy. The science behind source energy healing.

Energy healing is not something which is merely based on a belief, and I will explain the science behind it and why it works in the way it does, in this article.

How our body is constructed.

We have a field of information around our body. How do we know that? Because atoms are 99,9999% empty space. Now, when you bring 2 atoms together, they form a molecule. And the molecule shares a field of information. That field of information is where the electrons are interacting, but the moments when those 2 atoms join, they now have different properties, because they’re a molecule.

If you keep adding more atoms, you keep creating a bigger molecule, and it becomes a chemical. And that chemical is sharing an invisible field of information that’s giving life to the characteristics of that particular molecule.

So then if you take a chemical, and you put the chemicals together, you create an organelle. If you put organelles together you’ve created a cell. And a cell has an invisible field of information that’s instructing, and giving consciousness, and energy and information to allow that cell to function. So, that cell is having information communicated within it faster than the speed of light !!

So if it’s happening faster than the speed of light, this new field of information biology and photons is saying that the cell is connected to some field that’s instructing all of those things that are happening at 100.000 times per second. Yes, cells manage to carry out some 100.000 biochemical reactions per second.

There’s an amazing intelligence that has organized this whole thing.

So, if we put cells together, we create tissue. Those tissues have a field of information. If you put tissues together you create organs, and that organ also has a field of information.

If you put organs together, you create systems. Digestive system, skeletal system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, etc… They also share a field of information.

And when you put those systems together, you form a body. And that body also has a field of information. And it is that field of information that is giving life to the body.

This is biology 101. Plain science.

Are you baffled already by your own divine engineering? Still think you are “only human”?

What is disease? The science behind source energy healing.

All disease is a lowering of frequency and an incoherent vibration of frequency. As the frequency of matter slows down, it’s more prone to the laws of thermodynamics. Primarily the second law of thermodynamics, which is entropy. Things tend to move towards disorder. They brake down because it’s just matter.

Because we live by the hormones of stress and we are functioning in an incoherent state, it begins to entrain the body to begin to break down, because we are more matter and less energy. We’re more particle and less wave.

When we react to every day life events happening, like we react to bad news, we react to our ex wife or ex husband, we think about a problem in our life that makes us angry. The moment we react like that, we are drawing from our field of energy, and because of this emotion we are  beginning to release adrenaline, and our body is responding by turning that emotion into liquid chemicals. The moment that happens, our energy field is narrowed down almost completely because we consume that energy.

I guess we can all relate to the situation when we feel drained after a fight or a negative event happening to us. Well, this is exactly what happens. We consume the energy to go ahead and begin to process it into chemistry.

So if we keep mobilizing all this energy and keep drawing it from our field we have no field of information left and matter becomes incoherent and begins to break down.

So then, when you begin to elevate your energy, coherent organized energy, it begins to create order in disorder.

And that’s called healing.

But then how to heal?

Disease isn’t simply the absence of physical health, it can also relate to a mental or energetic dysfunction in the body. But before we can begin the transformation, we have to understand the information!

Blessing the different centers of our body to create a coherent fields around them. This allows us to heal ourselves and others from many different conditions like allergies, organ diseases, cancers, tumors, and all kinds of things because by doing so, we are creating a coherent message in the field so that matter can draw from a new field of information, because there’s information there to draw from.

So if we can create a coherent signature in our field and we can heal ourselves, would it be possible for us to create coherence in someone else’s field and heal that person? The answer is Yes! I have experienced this myself many times, and the testimonials are there to prove it. Don’t take my word for it, research it!

Now, the next question is, if we’ve healed ourselves, and we’re able to heal someone in front of us by creating a coherent signature, can we heal someone who is on the other side of the planet? So, what kind of knowledge would we need to apply to this model to have that experience?

Well, we know that consciousness is non-local, and if we get into that field beyond space and time, and we know that if we understand quantum physics, wherein two pieces of an atom separated miles from each other, act simultaneously when only one part is altered. And this reaction takes place faster than the speed of light, it means that they are altered beyond space and time. So, if we understand that, and we’ve healed ourselves, we’ve healed this person in front of us, then we should be able to do the same thing and hold the image of that person, and be able to lay a coherent signature into their field. And we don’t have to literally be there.

We need to become fully aware that nerve impulses are electrical energy signals; and, they create energy-fields around the body and electro-magnetic energy waves that can travel away from the body.

By tapping into the field of consciousness – the quantum field – , and by imbuing our thoughts with a new reality – as if the healing had already happened – we upgrade our – and the other person’s –  field signature into a more coherent field, allowing for the body to adapt to the new coherent information and to heal.

Why does the body react to this? Because the receptor sides on the outside of our cells – and this is science –  are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetism and frequency than they are to chemistry. Chemistry is the downward causation of electromagnetism.

So the quantum model allows us to build a greater understanding. We can heal ourselves, we can heal others, and because of the fact that consciousness is non-local, we can heal others from a distance, without having to be there.

Now, a healer has to give thanks in a state of absolute divinity. In order to emulate the divine, we have to be the divine. In order to emulate the creator, we have to be the creator. In order for us to create something unlimited, we have to feel unlimited.

Miracles used to be science we didn’t understand. Not anymore now. Miraculous healing through Source energy healing can now be explained scientifically and is a fact. Many have been healed from very serious conditions like autoimmune disease, incurable bowel diseases, cancers, tumors, .. and much more.

And the best part is, there are no detrimental side effects.


This is not just about Geo-engineering, there is so much more being told in this video! Geoengineering

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