Humanity’s demise – Are you a savior or an accomplice

Humanity’s demise – Are you a savior or an accomplice?

As we become more aware, and the veil that society has pulled over our eyes to hide the truth from us, is crumbling down, more and more people are self aligning, feeling the shift in consciousness, waking up if you will. The next question is going to hit everyone inevitably: Humanity’s demise – Are you a savior or an accomplice ?

At first glance one may be unaware of Source’s guidance, but slowly, once that little spark is fired, it will set ablaze and obliterate all ignorance, annihilate the lies that society wants us to ingrain in our sub-conscience. One will become aware of the atrocities that are being perpetrated upon us, all over the world, in most if not all civilizations. Those atrocities are not results of circumstances, they are staged. Staged by those who profit from it, by conglomerations who only care to keep their shareholders happy, by men and women who have sold the love in their hearts to the capitalist economy that roars in the dungeons of our society. Be aware because this may be a very unsettling process of being exposed to the truth and is often accompanied with cognitive dissonance, nausea and gut wrenching feelings of disbelief.

We are all for love, peace and unity, and we Love and honor life, but we will no longer be silent. We simply cannot… It is against our nature to stand by and simply watch the demise of this beautiful world without doing anything.


Because humanity is on the brink of destruction…. Let’s repeat that… HUMANITY IS ON THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION !!!

If we do nothing about what is happening to us, and remain docile obedient people, we will be accomplices to our own destruction. It would be very, very naive to think that the mass depopulation, that is in full effect as we speak, is going to go away with simply praying or singing mantras.

We urge all spiritual institutions to take heed of these words and to become aware of their responsibility in denying what is going on. All is not well, and all will not be okay. This is the harsh reality that needs to be faced. It is also the air that YOU breathe, water that YOU drink and bathe in, soil that YOU grow food in, that is being deliberately poisoned.

We urge all academic institutions to stop turning the blind eye to these facts, because if you do not investigate properly, if you lack in researching properly, you are accomplices to the demise of humanity. If you are an academic, then stay true to the oath of truth you have taken once you became an academic.

Whoever feels that they must keep denying the facts because it saves their paycheck, will soon find out that there won’t be much of a paycheck to collect.

Those who are in the know and are purposefully contributing to these atrocities have sold their souls to an evil that is unseen to most of us, and it operates on a global scale.

For those who think there is nothing going on and it’s all a “conspiracy”, we know you are either ignorant or paid opposition.

If it is just ignorance, educate yourselves with facts, and disregard the lies you are being fed through mainstream media, which is all scripted anyway.

If you are paid opposition, you are not welcome here and you will be banned. We will not tolerate you spreading your lies and manipulations any further. This is no longer a debate.

To everybody else who are on the fence… Please, please, please.. Become knowledgeable and take some time to do some research yourself. Ask questions if you don’t know or don’t understand.

Humanity’s demise – Are you a savior or an accomplice

Go to:

Humanity's demise - Are you a savior or an accomplice

But before you do, take a little time to see this video through, and you will be amazed to see what is going on…

This is not just about chemtrails, there is so much more being told in this video!

If we do not unite to make this stop, we will all perish as individuals. They are dividing us because they know that THE POWER LIES IN UNITY !!!

If we are unable to reunite all races, genders, nationalities, political or religious differences,… Then we, as a human species, have miserably failed in honoring our divine purpose, which is to live in peace and harmony with Love in our heart and respect for all living creatures.

If that is too much to ask, then leave this gathering.

To all other’s, the truth will set us free and trough perseverance we will prevail ?

Please, be unafraid and share this vital information as far and wide as possible. Thank you !

Humanity’s demise – Are you a savior or an accomplice?

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