Legally refuse Smart meters and Vaccines

Legally refuse Smart meters and Vaccines

In today’s society we are often being bullied into complacency by “official” and “government” institutions. Often we are threatened to sign contracts or coerced into medical treatments and vaccinations that are very harmful and can even have lethal consequences. Not everyone is knowledgeable about their rights and therefore we feel it is appropriate to spread this knowledge. And while it seemingly might only apply for the USA, this is something that can apply on a worldwide scale. Everybody needs to know how to legally refuse Smart meters and Vaccines.

The people’s rights are being taken away by governments that are bought by big corporations that simply make their own laws and then buy politicians to push these “laws”, that only benefit themselves and never the public, into federal laws.

It is needless to say, and all of you who have done your research know this, that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in the well-being of the people. It this were so, they would make sure that vaccines where properly tested and not laden with toxins, lethal chemicals, DNA from aborted fetuses, foreign animal DNA, etc…

Many people are reporting on these industrial and governmental scams, often testifying their family wrecking stories out of first hand.

Just watch this important information and spread the world please.

For humanities sake, let this go viral !

Thank you!

Legally refuse Smart meters and Vaccines

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