Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines

Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccine

New evidence has emerged on the evil pseudo corporate /government business of Vaccines

There are three major categories on this subject and the well of evil is deep. Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines.

  1. Medical evidence of sterility drugs and abortifacients found in all types of Vaccines by the supposed Humanities apostolates exporting to Africa and third world countries from those entrenched in the eugenics schools against imperfect races and abject poverty is only a small part of it. Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines.
  2. Abortive embryonic human baby tissue is the second category and is in all vaccines It is so strongly objected to that people are moving to NJ from NY because of Gov Christie’s strong religious exemptions options protecting children from the government Medical exemptions are more difficult to come by but through resources can be had.
  3. The new mountain of evidence comes in category three The evidence of autism in children having been injected with vaccines laden with metals – particularly thimerosol !(mercury) which is poison combined with aluminum creating a corrosive effect with a type of mercury that goes directly to the brain, is extensive.

Covered in much more detail with resources as follows

The issue was ‘virtually’ non existent (on a mass scale) in the previous generations at 1 in 10,000 children in the 50s , 60s, 70s and 80s Then they began to put aborted babies and poison into every injection -flu – measles – polio -all of them

They even inject infants with sexually transmitted /venereal disease – The majority of every infant born today – It’s insane – Why would an infant need protection from a sexually transmitted disease ?!

Children injected with vaccines are now 1 in 68 diagnosed as autistic ! We fought them at Holy Name in Teaneck, NJ in the neo-Catholic Hospital, we fought them at the day care even with the NJ religious exemption – We hired a full time nanny at home and our baby is almost one and has never been injected with any of these poisons

The amount of injections a baby would get in the 1940s in it’s first two years would be like 4 to 6 shots It is now two dozen of the most vile poisons known to man

Is this what the Lord wants for you and your children ? I don’t think so. Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines.

There is a federal law suit against the US Government’s CDC – The “Center For Disease Control that is now escalating to a class action law suit as we speak

Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines

The Annual March for Life is nearing a half million people The March on DC for the thousands of children lost to autism through vaccines is now in the grass roots among the thousands of affected families all wearing green shirts and holding pictures of children Some grammar school age that contracted full autism the day after the vaccines- coming from completely healthy

You can be an adult and be ruined just as easily Why does someone who smoked all their life and is 90 years old with a lit cigar in his mouth never contracted cancer = susceptibility – Everyone is different susceptibility varies greatly, Government set amounts for acceptable levels of mercury are fictitious and factors such as what part of the country you live in are not considered There is a coal fired power plant still in operation in Jersey City for instance near the Pulaski Bridge and the content of base Mercury if tested in the people living in the Marian district of Our Lady of Mount Carmel would test high even before a vaccine This is one example among many others

A construction worker having scraped his head- and is taken in and given an insisted upon tetanus shot and then had the tetanus shot ruin his life (from Mercury poisoning)

Traditional Catholics are uniting and the majority will not vaccinate – There is no study done as of yet to date on Traditional Catholic communities of children born healthy, and remaining healthy, as it’s too early There is a study on the Amish though – There are three large Amish communities in the US and they do not vaccinate for any reason They have no =zero cases of autism in the previous generation and this generation It is an unknown disease amongst their people

The medical community of doctors in the US are as equally corrupt as the government The Doctors and scientists of faith that come out publicly and fight are usually destroyed and then labelled as mythologists. Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines.

I have resources to share for those that wish to protect their families from these people as follows

Follow the money -corporate greed of Elly Lilly, their family/company relationships to members of Congress -members of the CDC that are now fugitives for embezzlement being hunted overseas by the CIA –

A doctor – a lawyer and former CDC scientist whistle blow the Truth here

Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC: Esq. Kevin Barry, Dr. Boyd E. Haley, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The pure government propaganda and lies concerning the connection between autism and vaccines found here on the CDC government page is scandalous and will be saved to one day show a future generation Like when scores of Doctors came on TV in the 1940s and 50s and said Tobacco does not cause cancer and it is completely safe


Dr. Deisher (one of the best strong Catholic doctors out there) testifies on the connection between vaccines and the rising rates of autism. 

Do Not Vaccinate For Anything There Is Poison In All Vaccines.

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