When you go into a room that is pitch black full of darkness… and light a little candle, instantly that darkness flees.

But you can’t do the opposite.

You can’t go into a well lit room full of truth and wisdom and righteousness and joy and health and harmony with the universe… you can’t take any amount of darkness and go into that well lit room and have any effect whatsoever.

That is the metaphor which I frequently think of when I think I am not empowered.

It is the greatest lesson for me to realize that the positive changes humanity is experiencing right now will lead us to the ultimate enlightenment of our species.

Where there is light, darkness cannot exist. Where there is love, hatred cannot exist. Where there is unity, division cannot exist.

Love, light and unity are innate properties we all are born with, for we are divine beings in every aspect. Do not take your world around you for granted! Do not take yourself for granted!

Break free from the social, cultural, political and religious conditionings that are limiting your potential and expand your awareness and understand that you too are the creator of this reality, this world, this universe…

When you feel love in your heart you influence everyone around you in a positive way because of the high frequency electromagnetic vibrations you are emitting. YOU have this effect on the world around you, YOU co-create this new world of love..

Only if you wish it to be so…

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan

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