432Hz Sound Bridge

432Hz Sound Bridge

As you might have noticed, we have promoted the music of Brian T Collins several times because his music very much relates to spiritual music and is very nice to listen to during meditation and relaxation.

Brian has made, as announced, an exclusive track for our CE-5 community in which he has incorporated the explicit intent of making extraterrestrial contact during the composition.

Brian has been a contact worker since he was a child and has had many ET contacts throughout his life. He was, however, shocked by the presence of five beings he felt who were so to speak “watching him” whilst composing this music.

During my own meditation I always project myself in a rotating Merkaba for astral traveling. Around this Merkaba I manifest a circle of love and light so that only love and light will be able to make contact with me and nothing else will come through.

When I meditated on Brian’s new track “We Are Here” which btw last 30 minutes and was especially made for use in CE-5 meditation, I very fast got a vision that the Orbs that we so often observe are actually extraterrestrial entities that manifest themselves by means of consciousness surrounded by a circle of light.

Immediately a strong sense of gratitude engulfed my body and tears were running over my cheeks uncontrollably .

The emotions that Brian has put in this music is enormous and the combination of the divine 432Hz tuning and the pure intent of making extraterrestrial contact makes this music unique!

It is really nothing that I have heard before, EVER!

The second number in this album, “Dream Mountain” also holds these high emotional values.

I would like to advise everyone to not only stream Brian’s music but also to buy it and play it on your music system, Ipad, Smart phone, computer/laptop and to burn it on cd so you can take this contact tool on you CE-5 expeditions.

If you use an Ipad, Iphone, or smartphone I advise installing this free 432Hz player to play this music.

432 Player

Listen to Brian’s CE-5 contact music here:


If you like Brian’s music, please consider buying it. It will only motivate Brian more to keep composing CE-5 music for our community.

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