The Cultural Paradigm Shift Humanity Needs To Survive.

The Cultural Paradigm Shift Humanity Needs To Survive.


Anthropological studies make us realize that not knowing our history renders us ignorant in terms of distinguishing reoccurring events. Recorded history shows us that from the first moments of organized civilization about 6000 years ago, and most likely much longer before that as well, there has been a humanity defying reoccurring theme. It is a theme driven by individuals who have completely lost their moral compass and who are possessed by egocentrism. It is a theme submerged in the most atrocious acts that humans can do unto one another. It is a theme devoid of the understanding of the sacredness of all life and it requires a cultural paradigm shift for humanity to survive.

This theme is: War

Throughout history, on a global scale more than 1 billion people have been murdered and massacred in the name of ego, revenge, hatred, jealousy, religion, greed and money, and fake patriotism. Alongside with war comes the lust for power and control, and the total lack of empathy and disdain for fellow members of our species. What we have seen is that he who sheds the most blood, either through psychological or physical warfare, makes the law. It is disheartening to see that even today, these malevolent characteristics are predominantly present in many individuals. How love deprived one’s education and upbringing must be to even consider taking part in the destruction of divine creation.

The eternal ignorance of humankind confirms the deliberate perpetuation of occult knowledge that would set free humanity if that information were disclosed. Alas, the people are kept in ignorance for the purpose of control and perpetuating a paradigm that only suits the few who have the motive and the means to do so.

This is the corrupt culture that has been perpetuated for millennia now, and it is spreading globally, like a virus, through genocidal governments that apply relentless indoctrination to subdue the whole of humanity. Decisions are being made, in the name of unsustainable economic models, that literally destroy our nature and environment. Water, air, soil and food are all being poisoned to feed the materialistic greed and profiling urge of a handful of people who are mentally ill and riddled with superiority complex.

How can we turn around this malevolent existence?

The ONLY solution is to abandon the malevolent culture that sustains it.

And how do we do that? By turning away from it and by contributing our energy to a new benevolent culture.

Humanity will only be able to realize a paradigm shift if it is first able to unite and to set aside imposed differences like racism, religion, sexism, classism, elitism, and the concept of royalty.

By the divine grace of Source, we are all one, all the same. There are no others, we are them and they are us. The only thing that sets us apart are misconceptions.

If we agree to perpetuate the current paradigm, our life expectations will decrease exponentially with every next generation that follows, and transhumanism is just around the corner.

It needs to be said, it needs to be made crystal clear that what has been going on is no longer tolerable and it needs to stop NOW. This generation has to do it, because if we don’t, the next generations simply won’t have the choice anymore because of the intricate and all-encompassing control mechanisms that are being put in place as we speak. Does “Global Reset” ring a bell?

If you, even for one second, think that this is just fear mongering, then you haven’t done any research AT ALL. It is exactly because of people who gullibly believe that governments have their best interests at heart that this paradigm has been able to continue.


So, what is this occult knowledge that would liberate humanity?

Is it knowledge that has been kept in vaults or has been written down in well-guarded books?

Is it knowledge that can only be bought or is only accessible by the very few?

No, it is not.

It is knowledge that is bestowed upon those who have decided to live their lives in unity with all sentient life. It is the knowledge that flows through those who honor the Source from which they sprang. It is the knowledge that gives us insights in our divine heritage and expands our comprehension of our true Self. It is THIS knowledge that is readily available for all to access, and it is patiently waiting for anyone who is able to break through the surface awareness of its being. This knowledge cannot be exploited because it is readily available to all, and its supply is infinite.

So then, how to access it?

By establishing a benevolent culture where people are physically and mentally much more connected. By introducing certain ethical principles and moral values that, instead of dividing us, brings us together and unites us. By striving for cooperation and social coherence instead of polarization. By honoring nature and understanding its marvel.  By honoring our fellow humans, and all other sentient life. Through allowing Source to flow though us and to inspire us with the insights that assist our growth and our spiritual journey. Through meditation, the field of infinite knowledge becomes accessible.

Satya Advaya: A New Paradigm and Community for Benevolent Humans.

Satya Advaya envisions a new way of life in which humanity lives with an open heart and crisis free. For all of us to embody our individual gifts and to fulfill our purpose of evolving consciousness to the next level. The intention is to bring together people and build communities where love flows freely through our heart centers and where we live in harmony with nature and all living creatures. Honoring the sustainability of our planet and our covenant with life itself. A way of life in which we aspire to evolve consciousness, to expand its meaning and to inspire each other’s evolution into the sacred. A new paradigm in which people will be free of psychosomatic illness and are physically healthy as can be. Our well-being will be assured by our alignment with truth. Being free of trauma, and being able to heal ourselves of many ailments, illness will only be a physical thing hardly finding a way to manifest. Living a life eating and drinking only healthy foods that nurture our body and soul with love and tenderness. The only way to live a clean and liberated life.

Satya Advaya preludes living independent lives where it will be encouraged to individually embody our thoughts, emotions and actions, allowing us to express our creativity in unprecedented ways, for the betterment of humanity and the preservation of nature and all living beings.

Satya Advaya recognizes the laws of the universe. These higher principles will define the guidelines of the community and form a basis for a new social order based on truth. These guidelines will be in alignment with the rights of nature and all people, local and universal. Many people who are not yet ready to make the transition will fret at such guidelines, to the degree that they will remain traumatized. But we should never compromise our expressions of Truth and Unity for the sake of protecting others’ denial.

Re-establishing universal ethics and moral values will dramatically elevate our awareness and allow us to translate the divine through our true Self. When we grow into our next phase of human evolution, others will be guided by our ethical and altruistic example, and as we will lead others into conscious living, we will simultaneously expand our collective consciousness.

There are many people who speak with the clear voice of truth, trying to find a home in which they will be heard and reflected upon. Satya Advaya is that home where they can, while honoring its ethics and altruistic standards, express themselves without fear of judgement or retaliation. And while this communal life will allow us to evolve consciously, our inner authority will manifest more openly and grounded in interconnectedness, honoring the benefit of all.

As the Satya Advaya ideology grows into self-sustainable communities, its people will simultaneously embody a new paradigm for being human and help others to do the same. The aim is to not only survive, but to thrive and to continue to evolve consciousness into new levels of meaning. Satya Advaya will open a window into the future of our evolution in which humanity will be nurtured and protected by universal laws.

There are a lot of us who are open to this message, seekers who are living in solitude in the midst of madness. This is a call to action and it beckons all of those who are in search for truth and a sacred life to join forces. Now is the time to start bringing people together who want to co-invest in a healthy future for themselves, their children, and for humanity as a whole.

Of this we are certain: Satya Advaya holds the ingredients needed for the much yearned for profound change in this world.


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Thank you for reading and contributing to higher awareness and elevating consciousness.


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