Amazing video exposes metaphysical beings

Amazing video exposes metaphysical beings

The Belgium – The Netherlands CE5 team has had some amazing experiences during CE5 meditations and fieldwork, and the following experience show some truly amazing pictures that were taken by one of our most sensitive members, Linda, who is well known in the CE5 scene by now. Linda just sensed that she had to go to a crop circle that was created about 45 minutes from her home. She left without taking anything with her. No coat, or blanket, no CE5 requirements whatsoever, she just felt very drawn and left instantly, without giving it much thought.

When she arrived in the corp circle she was alone. No other visitors were around. She did a meditation and when it started getting dark she started to take some photo’s. Everything what is seen on the photo’s was invisible to the naked eye.

Enjoy the amazing video she made to share with the world.

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Click the below photo to view the image full size.

metaphysical being

The photo was taken in a crop circle and is 100% unaltered.

Linda is mostly active on the CE-5 Advanced Global Facebook page.

Linda and myself share some really amazing experiences together while doing CE-5 field work with some awesome sightings and truly amazing visions and out of body experiences during CE-5  meditations.

For more information on how to make extraterrestrial contact, go >>here  <<

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan


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