Chronology of Mankind from Creation up until the Apocalypse

Chronology of Mankind from Creation up until the Apocalypse

Beloved readers, here I present to you a rather basic timeline of the most significant events in human history from an Enkist viewpoint. A sound chronological understanding of our past is essential in order to comprehend the nature of the great cosmic struggle and the metaphysical situation of our world. I recommend this article to all those who wish to understand fully the Enkist worldview once and for all.
Chronology of Mankind from Creation up until the Apocalypse
Chronology of Mankind from Creation up until the Apocalypse

The Primeval Age

The great saga of our semi-divine race, Mankind of Earth, begins with the arrival of the Anunnaki, an extraterrestrial civilization of powerful godlike beings who would later make themselves known as the great Gods, Titans and Elohim of the various polytheistic cultures of antiquity, some 400,000 earth years ago. In that primordial time intelligent man was still not in existence and the animal kingdom was dominated by a primitive terrestrial hominid, Homo Erectus, which had followed a rather slow and steady evolutionary course with very little anatomical change on our planet during some two million years. The Earth was still a young and virginal world which was yet to know any civilization.

In some of the ancient Sumerian texts that recount the creation of man and the establishment of civilization on Earth by the Gods, there are descriptions of a primeval and pre-civilized age in which a kind of primitive man who ‘does not know about eating bread or how to wear clothes, goes about the land half-naked, eats like the sheep and drinks water from the ditches’ lives in the steppe among the beasts (Sheep and Grain Debate 20-25). This wild creature which lives more as an animal than as a civilized man is identical to the earthly Homo Erectus and was found in the marshy zones of the Earth by the divine visitors at the time of their arrival. This pre-human hominid had emerged from the simian family and still possessed 24 pairs of chromosomes in its genetic structure just like all the other species of apes and hominids that had came before it.

The Mesopotamian records such as the Sumerian Eridú Genesis and the Akkadian Poem of Atrahasis, all much more ancient than the Genesis of the Hebrew Bible by millennia, recount that the Anunnaki arrived on Earth, shared among themselves the various regions and began to found cities and sanctuaries. Back then Anu was the ruler of heaven, Enlil was the lord of the aerial space and Enki was the master of the aquatic regions. The Anunnaki were a group of deities of a heavenly lineage and the ancient texts make it clear that they have an otherworldly origin. The great Gods of antiquity had came from the ‘heavens’ or outer space beyond our planet. They were highly advanced manlike extraterrestrial travelers who had followed a very ancient evolutionary path on a faraway planet similar to ours and reached the stage of Homo Divinus. The Anunnaki had become divine beings via their spiritual evolution.

Beneath the Anunnaki were the Igigi, minor gods who had came to Earth together with their kings and their overlords and worked for them in construction, agriculture and mining projects. According to Mesopotamian texts such as the Story of Enki and Ninmah and the Poem of Atrahasis among others, these worker deities became weary of their exhausting and unending tasks and decided to mutiny complaining about the huge burdens which their superiors had imposed upon them. In that time of rebellion, the Igigi abandoned their labors, burned their tools and even surrounded the earthly abode of the ruling god Enlil in his sacred city of Nippur. The civilization of the Gods was in jeopardy due to the unrest of the Igigi and therefore the Council of the Anunnaki, presided by Anu (Yahweh), decided to call for a divine assembly in order to search for a solution to the political problems that had arisen on Earth.

According to all the most ancient records from those of the Sumerians to those of the Babylonians, it was Enki (Ea), the firstborn son of the sky god Anu (Yahweh) and a deity of divine wisdom symbolized by the Serpent, who proposed the creation of Man in the assembly of the Gods with the intention that they would replace the minor gods in their arduous chores. After the authorization of the Council of the Anunnaki, Enki took charge of the creation of our race. Together with his half-sister the expert Ninmah, Enki shaped the first humans from the clay of the Abzu, his aqueous abode and the mysterious place of the creation; he added to them divine blood, he breathed into them a soul of the gods and placed them in the wombs of the Birthing Goddesses who would then give birth to seven males and seven females. This very ancient account of Sumerian origin is an ancient reference to extraterrestrial genetic engineering by Enki and artificial insemination. Homo Sapiens was built on the basis of the primitive Homo Erectus, his genetic material (the clay) was mixed with divine DNA (the blood of the Gods) in the dwelling of the geneticist god Enki, the conscience and intelligence of his godlike creators were bestowed upon him and the product of this genetic manipulation was inseminated into the wombs of the females of that divine species which had came to Earth. The new Homo Sapiens whose quantity of chromosomal pairs had been artificially reduced from 24 to 23 experienced a quantum leap in its evolution almost over night and was much more like the Gods. At present in genetic science it is believed that the sudden development of intelligence in advanced hominids such as Homo Sapiens, Homo Neanderthalensis and Cro-Magnon man is due to the mysterious ancestral telomere-telomere fusion of the second chromosome, something which reduced our pairs of chromosomes from 24 to 23 (Ijdo, 1991i). We are the product of the divine genetic engineering of our creator god Enki.

After his creation, Man replaced the Igigi in agriculture, in works of construction and in mining projects and the experiment was a great success. The Story of Enki and Ninmah, one of the Sumerian texts that underlie the Poem of Atrahasis, explain that Man was created so that he would replace the minor gods who worked in the land of Harali (Enki and Ninmah 10). In Mesopotamian culture, the region of Harali, known also as Arallu, was considered a gold-producing land where valuable minerals abounded (Ebeling and Meissner, 1997ii; Reiter, 1997iii). Therefore, here we able able to know that the creation of Man was linked closely to the extraction of gold. Millennia later, in the biblical Genesis, in truth a later reworking and distorted plagiarism of the original Sumerian literature, we find a subtle reference to the same motive. In the second chapter of Genesis, just after the creation of Adam, the biblical narrator goes off on a tangent and begins to explain in a very brief manner that the lands of Eden are full of gold and other valuable minerals and that the gold from there is of a very good quality (Genesis 2:11-12). Now we know that the biblical Eden is identical to the Mesopotamian Edin mentioned in the Sumerian texts. In the end, the ancient registers, both those of the Sumerians and those of the Hebrew Bible alike, imply that Man was created so that he may take over the tasks of his creators and work in the mining of gold.

Unlike the tradition church interpretation of the creation, the Mesopotamian versions of the creation such as the Poem of Atrahasis allude to a creative process of several distinct stages (Kvanvig, 2011iv). In other words, Man wasn’t created out of nothing in just one go as biblical creationism claims, but rather his evolution was guided by his divine creators in several steps and various upgraded human models were formed by Enki and his Gods throughout the primeval age of Mankind. First came the lullu, a primitive worker man who was too primitive for his tasks; and then emerged hybrid man, a mixture of ‘deity and man’ (ilumma u awilum), who now has the tēmu or ‘ratiocination of the divine beings’ (Kvanvig, 2011v). Lastly, the guided evolution of Man (Homo Sapiens) culminated in the Adapa model, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the most advanced human species, engendered directly by Enki himself. According to the Legend of Adapa, a very ancient Sumerian text and precursor of the biblical account of Adam (Ziolkowski, 2000vi), Adapa was a human son of Enki and was created in the sanctuary of Eridú, the terrestrial abode of Enki, as a model of man and a teacher of divine civilization. He was the first of the seven antediluvian sages and became the depository of the science of heaven. In the end, Adapa (Adam) was a demigod of the seed of Enki and from the womb of an earthling female and the ancestral father of the whole of modern Humankind.

In that time Mankind still remained under the dominion of the Anunnaki and men worked from their divine masters in their terrestrial settlements. The civilization of the Gods on Earth was like a small colony in the distance and many of the divine beings, the king of the pantheon Anu (Yahweh) included, only came on visits from time to time and then returned to their planet of origin in the unknown heavens. The human world was governed by a small group of divine overlords who stayed on Earth in a permanent fashion and Man only supplied the earthly sanctuaries of the Gods with all their needs without enjoying his own independence or autonomy. However, all that would change when our benevolent creator god Enki gifted to Man the science of heaven.

The Sumerian texts describe Enki, the true father of the human race, as the Ushumgal or ‘Great Serpent’ for his great divine wisdom and his immense occult knowledge and recount that he was the lord of the sanctuary of Eridú, a fruit-bearing grove and paradaisical garden in the watershed land of Eden in the east; and the master of the Tree of the Me, the heavenly sciences, that he himself had dragged out of the Abzu and planted in the middle of his earthly paradise (Enki and the World Order). The Legend of Adapa, a story of the illumination of the first completely civilized man, explains that Enki educated Adapa in that same Eridú, the sanctuary of the Gods, and there he revealed to him the Design of Heaven and Earth against the will of the god of heaven Anu, who then complained that Enki had revealed to ‘a worthless human’ the celestial knowledge (Kramer and Maier, 1989vii). As a consequence, Adapa obtained the science of the Gods and the knowledge of divine civilization, but he was denied the Water and Bread of Life by the enraged Anu, cast out of the abode of the Gods and returned to Earth without knowing the secret of immortality. Besides, Adapa was cursed by the spiteful Anu and brought with him more suffering and disease as a result. Does this story sound somewhat familiar?

We see the same motive in the biblical Genesis, a poor later plagiarism and distorted recast of the original Sumerian account. In the biblical version, the wise Serpent (Enki) of the Garden of Eden in the region of the four rivers (Mesopotamia) rebells against the obscurantist policy of Yahweh (Anu), grants Adam (Adapa) the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (the MeDesign of Heaven and Earth) and opens his eyes making him as one of the Elohim (Genesis 3:22). Then Yahweh, infuriated by what had taken place, banished him from the Paradise of the Gods, imposed upon him a series of curses which increased his hardships on Earth and ordered his cherubims to block off his access to the Tree of Life so that he wouldn’t be able to eat from the fruit of immortality (Genesis 3:15-19; 3:24). Although the distorted version of the Bible warps the truth and seeks to slander the Serpent, symbol of Enki, as the bad guy, in reality the Enkist Serpent enlightened his human offspring and saved him from the obscurantism and bondage of the cosmic tyrant Anu-Yahweh, a sadistic abuser of Humanity from the beginning. The truth is that the same myth appears in various pre-biblical traditions in its various forms and it is true to say that the rebellious and enlightening personage has always been a benevolent entity and a great friend of Mankind. In Greek mythology, the benevolent titan Prometheus (Enki) rebells against the malevolent titans headed by the tyrannical sky god (Anu) and hands over to Man, his own creation, the Fire of the Gods (heavenly science).

In the end, Enki gifted to Adapa the knowledge of the civilization of heaven and also the divine spiritual mysteries that make Man powerful such as the yoguic science of the Kundalini, the Sacred Serpent which drives Man to his own godhood. Man, now awoken to the truth and as one of the Gods, could no longer be a simple slave and thanks to his enlightenment by Enki he became uncontrollable. Therefore, Mankind gained her autonomy on her own planet and Anu-Yahweh and his henchmen lost their ‘slave race’. The age of the absolute monarchy of the Gods over the Earth came to an end and we ushered in an era of autonomous human civilization.

We have placed the chronology of the primeval age between 400,000 and 300,000 BCE, although the exact dates are unknown. How have we came to this conclusion for the dating? With the archaeological excavations in the Middle East they have discovered a record of the order and duration of the reigns of the kings of the region known as the Sumerian Kings List. Therefore, just as theologians and biblical scholars sought to calculate the age of creation via the chronologies of the antediluvian patriarchs of Genesis, we try to determine the time in which there lived the first terrestrial monarch Alulim, the first king of Eridú and a contemporary of Adapa, through the chronology of the reigns of the antediluvian kings. Unlike the European chronologies such as the Greco-Roman one and also that of the Hebrew Bible which claimed that the creation had an antiquity of just a few millennia, the more ancient Mesopotamian chronologies maintained that the history of Mankind went back even hundreds of thousands of years and included mythical periods in which there reigned extremely long-lived demigods. Now modern biology tells us that the first humans of the Sapiens species appeared on our planet not only thousands but in fact hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The Antediluvian Age and the Universal Flood

Thanks to the intervention of our true creator father Enki, Mankind was no longer subjected to the yoke of her divine masters and her days of working as a ‘slave race’ for the order of Anu came to an end. Enki, the Great Serpent of the sanctuary of the Gods, the true liberator and benefactor of the human race, had taught the lineage of Adapa all the knowledge necessary for independence so that he may build his own civilization on autonomous terms. Let’s remember that in the Sumerian culture the Me of the Tree of Knowledge which Enki revealed to Man were the teachings of civilization such as kingship, construction, agriculture, writing, law, the arts, magic and the religious order. This time a Golden Age would be inaugurated and Man would gain his independence from the rule of the Anunnaki and reign over his own nations.

In the antediluvian era we find the first wave of human civilization. The great antediluvian kingdoms were established on Earth and they were governed by demigods of hybrid blood. In that time humans enjoyed an extraordinary longevity and their lifespans could reach up to thousands of years. The records of all the ancient cultures speak of a forgotten Golden Age in which the world was full of prosperity, there were demigods on Earth and humans were extremely long-lived. Sumerian texts such as the Sumerian kings List recount a primeval time in which the reigns of the monarchs lasted thousands of years and the cities of men thrived and the biblical Genesis makes reference to the astounding longevity of the antediluvian patriarchs. Likewise, in the classical Greek literature there were reminiscences of a distant utopian time, the Golden Age, in which humans lived many years without aging and the human world was characterized by peace, harmony, prosperity and nobleness of heart and in parallel the ancient Vedic tradition of Hinduism recounts that in the first Satya Yuga, the time which corresponds to the Golden Age in Greek mythology, the average lifespan of humans was more than 4000 years, everyone lived without poverty and Mankind enjoyed a state of happiness. All ancient cultures retell the same story: first there was a great age of prosperity and then it came to an end after an enormous worldwide cataclysm.

It was in that time that the legendary lost civilizations such as the mythical Atlantis emerged. The Atlantean civilization developed in the northern zone of the Indian subcontinent and would become the depository of the advanced spiritual knowledge of our great Enkite Gods. That magnificent antediluvian culture was the ancestor of the ultra-ancient Hindu religious tradition which would conserve many of the esoteric teachings and spiritual practices of the original Enkist current. At present the ruins of its ancient cities, all much older than the five millennia of human civilization accepted by mainstream archeology, remain submerged under the Arabian Sea off the northern shores of India (Hancock, 2002viii).

In all the antediluvian work Mankind was becoming each time more powerful and enjoyed the tutelage of our benevolent Gods. The ancient texts of various cultures make allusions to a process of hybridization in that time between divine beings and terrestrial humans by which the genetic material of the human race was strengthened and mixed men of superhuman abilities similar to Gods were born. The biblical Genesis implies that the main motive for which the Hebrew god Yahweh decided to send the flood and wipe out the creation was because the ‘Sons of God’, in the original text Bene ha Elohim (literally ‘Sons of the Gods’), had slept with the daughters of men and engendered the Nephilim, an extraordinary hybrid race that would become the great heroes of renown of antiquity (Genesis 6:1-2; 6:4). The same scene is told in more detail in the apocryphal literature of Second Temple Judaism such as the Book of Enoch and also the Book of Jubilees, the apocryphal Genesis. In the Book of Enoch, the Bene ha Elohim of Genesis 6:2 are seen as ‘fallen angels’ who abandoned their abode in heaven, came to Earth against the authority of Yahweh, married human women and engendered a race of superhuman giants (Enoch 6:2; 7:1-5). According to the same Enochian literature, the rebellious angels revealed to their human wives the ‘secrets of heaven’ (Enoch 9:6) and taught them the divine arts such as magic, witchcraft, astrology, divination, omens and healing with cut roots (Enoch 7:1; 8:1; 8:3). The biblical tradition claims that the miscegenation between human and divine and the revelation of those ‘forbidden’ teachings were the reasons for which antediluvian Humanity became ‘corrupt’ in the eyes of Yahweh. Likewise, in the pre-biblical Mesopotamian accounts such as the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh we encounter the presence of demigods and great heroes of hybrid blood such as in the case of its protagonist the king Gilgamesh (Bilgamesh in the more ancient Sumerian sources) whose composition was two thirds divine and one third human, which means that there must have been a process of miscegenation between divine males and human females as recounted in the later Hebrew literature. Let’s remember that the biblical stories are in most cases nothing more than recasts of the content of the much more ancient Mesopotamian records.

When the obscurantist cosmic tyrant Anu-Yahweh and his malevolent henchmen, the disgusting jehovitic angels of the Bible, became aware that Mankind was evolving on Earth at an astounding rate thanks to her miscegenation with the Gods of Enki’s faction and was learning the magical arts of heaven under the tutelage of our great Enkist teachers, they became furious and decided to attack the Earth with the goal of erasing all the great Enkist civilizations of the antediluvian world. The biblical texts, all Judeoanuist distortions of the true history, claim that Yahweh sent the devastating flood because the thoughts of all men had become totally corrupt (Genesis 6:5) and the Nephilim had turned into violent tyrants who devoured men and drank human blood (Enoch 7:3-5). However, all that is merely a lie. It is nothing more than a deceptive jehovitic pretext in order to justify the genocide of a whole world! According to the original Mesopotamian version, for example in the Poem of Atrahasis, an Akkadian account written more than a millennium before the later biblical plagiarism, after the flood Enki explains to the other gods that they should punish only the humans who had done evil instead of exterminating all humans for the crimes of a small few, which means that in reality there was no universal corruption of the antediluvian human race as the Bible supposes. In the end, Anu-Yahweh attempted to annihilate Humanity for much more sinister motives.

Around 10,000 BCE the Divine Council of Anu-Yahweh approved the program of total genocide and the great cataclysm without precedents was sent by his soulless henchmen. All the ancient texts from the Sumerian flood story up until the biblical account explain that the deluge was instigated by malevolent deities; however, it is not detailed exactly how they did it. The Zoroastrian version of the flood in particular is very interesting. According to that version, the whole world suffers a great winter and the cataclysm was caused by the melting of the icecaps and snow that covered the surface of the planet. This Avestic revelation coincides with the final fate of the last Ice Age in which the sudden warming of the climate and the subsequent abrupt melting of the ice sheets that covered the northern parts of the planet gave rise to enormous flooding. Here the ancient mythological records and the chronology of modern science are in harmony. It is likely that Anu-Yahweh and his depraved goons utilized climatological weapons of extraterrestrial origin in order to heat up the climate of the northern hemisphere, melt the frozen icecaps and bring about huge deadly tidal waves.

If one begins to study all the different pre-biblical versions of the flood story he will become aware of something very curious. Unlike the later biblical version which makes the illogical claim that the same Yahweh sends the genocidal deluge and then has ‘mercy’ and saves his chosen servant, in all the more ancient versions it is told that a distinct god, a benevolent savior, rebells against the tyranny of the culprit of the flood and saves a remnant of the human race. In all the Mesopotamian versions such as the Sumerian Eridú Genesis, the Akkadian Poem of Atrahasis and the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, it is Enki (Ea) who objects to the plan of Anu and his Divine Council and saves Ziusudra, the last antediluvian king and an Enkist of the lineage of Adapa, via a kind of watercraft. According to the Greek version, it is Prometheus, the benevolent titan who created Humanity and handed over to her the Fire of the Gods, who saves his human progeny Deucalion from the flood of the malevolent titans. Prometheus, the benefactor god, is identical to Enki. The Indic version recounts that Matsia, the first avatar of the divinity, saves Manu from the deadly waves by a kind of divine ark. In the Sanskrit text Matsia means ‘fish’, a symbol of the water deity Enki in the Sumerian culture. In the end, Anu-Yahweh only wanted to destroy Humankind forever and it was Enki, the wise Serpent and the greatest enemy of Anu-Yahweh, who played the saving role and conserved the human seed.

The Golden Age of the antediluvian world came to an end with the arrival of the first ancient apocalypse, brought about by the extraterrestrial dictator Anu-Yahweh and his perverse accomplices; however, thanks to the benevolent intervention of our true creator father Enki some small groups of Nephilim of the Adapite lineage managed to survive the shocking Anuist genocide and devoted themselves to the reconstruction of human civilization in the dawn of the postdiluvian era. It is interesting to note that unlike the late biblical version which claims that only the non-mixed (without divine blood) lineage of Noah survived and therefore all the Nephilim were extinguished in the deluge, the original Sumerian version explains that it was the lineage of Ziusudra, a king of the semi-divine lineage of Adapa, who survived the cataclysm. That’s right! We, postdiluvian Humanity, are all descendants of the phenomenal Nephilim!

Postdiluvian Age I and the Anuist Invasion of the Earth

All the antediluvian civilizations were wiped out by the apocalyptic cataclysm and their magnificence was condemned to oblivion. Therefore, the greater part of the history of our race was lost forever and the old order of the world became all but a legend.

The new order would emerge out of the ruins of the diluvial apocalypse. The survivors of the lineage of Ziusudra, the only hope for the continuation of our race, would repopulate the Earth and rebuild human civilization from scratch. They would found the great civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley under the guidance of our Gods who continued to assist Humanity in her evolution and thus the second wave of human civilization would begin.

Chapter 11 of the biblical Genesis sheds light on the primeval civilization of the postdiluvian world when it is understood in its esoteric context. The allegory of the Tower of Babel begins with a very abbreviated description of the civilization of Babel. According to the text, the founders of Babel came from the east and settled in a plain of the land of Sinar (Genesis 11:2). It is clear that the land of Sinar mentioned in the Bible is a Hebrew reference to the region of Sumer in the southern part of Mesopotamia since in the previous chapter the same Sinar is identified as the kingdom of Nimrod whose main cities were Erech (Uruk), Akkad and Calneh (Genesis 10:10). There the men from the east build a one-of-a-kind civilization whose spiritual advancement is amazing and ends up provoking the surprise and the fury of the malevolent Anu-Yahweh and his clique of divine evildoers.

The founders of Babel who come from the east were the descendants of the antediluvian Indic Atlantean civilization and they brought with themselves the great occult knowledge of the fallen Atlantis. In other words, they were bearers of the original spirituality of our Gods. Therefore, the city of Babel, whose Babylonian name bab-ilani and its Sumerian equivalent ka-dingirra mean ‘gate of the gods’ (George, 1992ix), was a great center of Enkist spiritual learning and therefore a gateway to godhood in the literal sense. The beautiful city of Marduk, the firstborn son of Enki, was a great bastion of the Enkist current and there our Gods taught men the occult sciences of heaven, the great mysteries, magical arts, esoteric teachings, the activation of the Kundalini and the method for achieving the Opus Magnum: the achievement of the divinity of man and the acquisition of immortalityx. In reality, the biblical account of the Tower of Babel is an allegoric story of the activation of all the chakras of the occult anatomy (unified and of a sole language) and the raising of the Sacred Serpent of the Kundalini which rises up to heaven (the seventh chakra, the celestial one located in the crown) and makes man as the gods.

The Enkist civilization of Babel, whose inhabitants possessed a highly advanced spiritual knowledge and were about to reach their own deification, was the triggering factor for the following great apocalypse which would soon transform the world once again.

The same chapter of Genesis recounts the reaction of the cosmic tyrant Yahweh (Anu) upon coming down to Earth and observing the city of men:

But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.

And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.

Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.

Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth. 

(Genesis 11:5-9)

Here Anu-Yahweh and his divine henchmen are shocked by the astounding spiritual progress of the men and admit that if they achieve their goal nothing will be able to stop them (an admission very bizarre for a supposedly omnipotent being), since they understood that the Enkist earthlings would soon become gods and thus they would be unstoppable. Therefore, he and his cosmic allies (take note of the plural form, which means that Yahweh was accompanied by other Elohim) come down from heaven and invade the city of Babel, disrupt the work of the men, confound their language and scatter them over the face of all the Earth (they misalign and deactivate their chakras). That follows is only a time of spiritual confusion.

What really happened in that time was an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth by Anu-Yahweh and his heavenly armies at the end of the third millennium BCE some 4000 years ago, an apocalyptic event which would put an end to the ancient Enkist order and mark the beginning of an era of darkness on our planet under the dominion of the tyrannic Anu-El-Yahweh, the malefic Saturn, Father Time, the evil god of this world whom the Gnostics called Yaldabaoth, the true cosmic adversary of Humanity.

Some Mesopotamian texts such as the literary body known as the Laments of Sumer recount that in the latter days of that epoch our Gods, the great Enki included, were forced to evacuate themselves from their sacred cities on Earth because of the ‘evil wind’ which desolated the region and had to return to heaven ‘like birds’ according to the text (Sitchin, 2010xi). It can be considered that the desolating ‘evil wind’ refers to the radioactive fallout caused by the weapons of the Anuist invaders whose onslaught against the cities of Enki and Marduk is recorded in the Erra Epos, a Babylonia work which recounts a divine war between the Enkites and the Anuists and the annihilation of the cities of the gods, a story which shares considerable similarity with the later biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah. Interestingly these events coincide with the sudden and mysterious demise of the Sumerian civilization around the year 2000 BCE.

In the end, after seeing that humans were enjoying the authentic Enkist spirituality and drawing closer to their own godhood, the Anuists feared that rivalry of Mankind, invaded the Earth in their spacecrafts, initiated a very violent and sudden military assault against the Gods of Enki in the Middle East, exiled many of them and took over the whole planet. This second ancient apocalypse is abysmal for the human race. The ancient knowledge is blotted out and destroyed by the malevolent invaders (Tower of Babel), the bastions of the Enkite Gods are desolated and Enki finds himself forced to abandon the Earth and escape to his planet of origin (Laments of Sumer, Erra Epos, Sodom and Gomorrah), some of our Gods are captured and enchained in the Anuist jails of the ‘underworld’ by the evil archangels of Anu-Yahweh (Revelation 12:7-9; 20:1-3; 20:7-8), the ancient Enkist spirituality is condemned to oblivion and the whole world is subjected to the dominion of the malevolent extraterrestrials in an age of spiritual obscurantism.

Postdiluvian Age II and the Present – The World under Anuist Dominion

With the defeat of our Gods before the underhanded Anuist invasion and the subjection of the Earth at the hands of Anu-Yahweh, the malevolent impostor who masqueraded as the ‘god’ of Humanity, the times of prosperity came to an end and the world was overshadowed by an era of darkness, Kali Yuga, the time of decadence in which the human race is alienated from her original Gods and subjected to the yoke of the deceptive system of Anu-Yahweh.

This tragic era is characterized by obscurantism and the forgetting of our true history. Have you ever wondered why in spite of the fact that it has more than 70 thousand years of antiquity according to today’s biology anatomically modern Homo Sapiens has a civilized history of only some four or five millennia? It is clear that something isn’t right with the chronologies, as it would be absurd to believe that a human so advanced like Homo Sapiens would like in caves and primitive shacks as a barbarian without making tools and building cities for dozens of millennia and only after 65 thousand years become civilized. It is logic to consider that an anomaly was produced in the chronology of our civilization. When the Anuists invaded the Earth and subjected the work to their dominion, they destroyed practically all vestiges of the previous waves of Enkist human civilization and erased the previous historical and archaeological records! It is for that reason that only mythical legends remain of the distant ages of gold which still inhabit the collective psyche of the Gentile peoples.

Since some 4000 years ago our Earth remains hijacked by the Anuists. Those cosmic evildoers have taken over our planet and rule over the human world in a surreptitious manner from the astral plane. They see us as their human cattle and only seek to keep us deceived and subjected to their degenerate system of bondage. The world has been in a terrible state for a long time precisely for this reason: it remains in the bloody claws of a clique of malevolent and depraved extraterrestrial gods. In the end, this world is so screwed up because at present it is governed by an evil god: the wicked impostor El-Yahweh (Anu, Kronos, Saturn), the real devil and adversary of the human race.

This notion of a world hijacked by malevolent divine beings/extraterrestrials could seem very outlandish for many people; however, throughout history various groups have tried to warn us about what is happening.

The Prophecy of Thot, a prophetic text of Egyptian origin, forewarns Humanity that in the endtimes there will be an era of total darkness in which the original Gods will be absent from the Earth, the ancestral religion will be corrupted and replaced by an illusion, good will be overshadowed by evil, decadence and degeneracy will be universal, wickedness will spread throughout all the Earth and … only EVIL ANGELS will remain! The text adds that those EVIL ANGELS will instigate men to perpetrate crimes and will teach them things that are harmful for the soul.

The Kalki Purana, an apocalyptic prophecy of the Hindu tradition, explains that in Kali Yuga, the era of darkness and deceit in which we find ourselves at present, the world will be governed by the demon Kali and its demonic powers Koka and Vikoka.

The ancient Gnostic sects, the greatest adversary of Catholicism in the first centuries, warned that the world was under the dominion of an impostor god, the malevolent demiurge Yaldabaoth, the evil god of this world identified by the Gnostics as Yahweh, the bloodthirsty and pathological deity of Judeochristianity; and of his malefic ‘angels’ whom the Gnostics called Archons. According to the Gnostics, the archontic beings of the demiurge deceived the whole world via their illusory religions and were parasitic and predatory entities which fed off the vital energy and the suffering of humans.

The EVIL ANGELS who displaced the original Gods according the the Egyptian prophecy, the DEMONS who rule over the world during Kali Yuga according to the Hindu apocalyptic vision and the malefic ARCHONS of the IMPOSTOR GOD who govern the world according to the Gnostic cosmology are identical to the malevolent extraterrestrials of Anu-Yahweh who exiled our Enkite Gods and took over our planet some 4000 years ago.

The Anuist extraterrestrials (conservative Anunnaki, Dracos and Grays) are much more powerful than us but at the same time a lot fewer in numbers, so they created their ‘Chosen People’ on Earth as the vehicle of their domination of the Gentile nations and then founded the destructive monotheistic religions in order to divide us and conquer us. The Jewish People, the ‘People of the Pact’ of Anu-Yahweh, that so sectarian, racist and destructive people which has caused trouble in all countries and incited many of the radical movements throughout history, was created by its god Anu-Yahweh (El-Saturn) for the destruction of Gentile Humanity whose true father is Enki. In the end, the mission of the Anuist Jewish People has always been the destruction of the cultures and religions of the Gentile nations, Jewish world domination (Zionism) and the enslavement of Humanity under the heinous system of their perverse invader god.

The Jewish elites, all earthly henchmen of Anu-Yahweh, founded the dogmatic and obscurantist religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam with the purpose of alienating us from our ancestral Pagan spiritual knowledge, subjecting us to the yoke of their depraved tyrannical god, controlling us on a psychological level, infiltrating our nations and ultimately enslaving us under the Judeoanuist worldview. The monotheistic religions of Anu-Yahweh are nothing more than twisted illusions that destroy reason, ensnare man in blind fanaticism and turn their victims into tamable and governable sheep. They inoculate us with a slave-like mindset and distance us from the authentic spirituality, that of the psychic development and the deification of man. Unfortunately the strategy of the Jews has worked very well. Presently more than half of the world’s population worships the god of the Jews, Anu-El-Yahweh (Jehovah, Allah), the true enemy of Humanity; and the original Pagan spirituality has been replaced by the monotheistic religions created by the Jews almost completely.

This world under the dominion of Anu-Yahweh has only been one of utter darkness. Since 4000 years ago our race, alienated from our true father and trapped in the network of deception of a malefic impostor who dares to masquerade as ‘god’, has only suffered gruesome wars, ruthless genocides, bloodcurdling massacres, unforgivable injustices, excessive hatred, tyranny, shameless deceptions, bigoted fanaticism, religious violence, the depraved barbarities of the ‘holy’ inquisition, hunts of human beings, hypocrisy, slavery, exploitation and extreme immorality. Thus is the world of Anu-Yahweh. Thus is the true face of his disgusting religions, Christianity included.

More than four millennia have already elapsed and the world remains subjected to the yoke of the same malevolent extraterrestrial entities. Presently we are in the 21st century and the era of darkness of the evil Hebrew god Anu-Yahweh continues at its peak. In medieval times the whole Western world fell into the hands of an almost universal tyrannical Judeoanuist theocracy known as the Roman Catholic Church; now practically the whole world finds itself subjected to the reminiscent New World Order of international Zionist Jewry. The biblical promises of Anu-Yahweh for his true Chosen People are already being fulfilled and a small Jewish secret society with its bizarre saturnic (jehovitic) cult has taken over the political and financial power of almost all the Gentile nations. The shocking truth is that the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) has always been a preliminary blueprint for militant Zionism and Jewish world domination since the beginning and the Judeochristian god Yahweh (Saturn), the true devil, is the real god of the New World Order (the supposed ‘Satanism’ of the Illuminati is nothing more than a deceptive smokescreen whose purpose is to conceal the true identity of the depraved Jewish conspirators).

However, this era of darkness will not last forever. At present we are coming out of the Age of Pisces (the last era of Anuist deceit) and we are approaching the next Age of Aquarius, a time of great knowledge and the restoration of the Truth! The liberation of the Earth will soon begin!

The Third Apocalypse, the Final Struggle and the New Satya Yuga

The next apocalypse will be a great final struggle between the gods of the Serpent (Enki) and the ‘archangels’ of Anu-Yahweh, the true hijacker of our world.

The biblical Apocalypse, a distorted version of the final battle written in favor of the Anuist system, tells that in the endtimes the ‘angels’ of the Serpent will be released from their jails in the abyss, amass a great army together with the demons Gog and Magog, deceive the world and make war against the ‘Verb of God’, the so-called ‘savior’ mounted on his white horse and with his divine sword in hand (Revelation 20:1-4; 20:7-8). The same text says that the angels of the Serpent will be defeated and will end up being thrown into Yahweh’s lake of fire (20:9-10). What a load of trash!

Beloved readers, we all must understand that these passages from the biblical Apocalypse are nothing more than a distorted recast of a much more ancient Enkist prophecy and a case of the underhanded ‘accusatory inversion’ of the infamous Anuists. Here the people of Anu-Yahweh have changed the roles of the prophecy in a deceptive manner. In reality, the ‘archangels’ of Yahweh and of the ‘Verb of God’ are the evil ‘angels’ who are going to be destroyed and the ‘angels’ of the Serpent, the Enkists, are the good guys who will triumph in the great final war.

The original prophecy is found in the Kalki Purana, a prophetic text of the Hindu tradition which prophesizes the destruction of the evil of Kali Yuga, the era of darkness in which we find ourselves at present, and the inauguration of Satya Yuga, the age of the Eternal Truth.

The Kalki Purana says that at the end of the age of decadence, the divine hero Kalki, the tenth avatar of the divinity whose Sanskrit name means ‘destroyer of filth’, will return to the Earth mounted upon his white horse and with his astra or divine sword in hand, and accompanied by eight great solar deities he will confront the demon Kali, the lord of Kali Yuga; he will defeat his demonic henchmen Koka and Vikoka (Gog and Magog), he will destroy all the filth of Kali Yuga, he will purify the Earth, he will restore the original religion and he will usher in the next Satya Yuga or Golden Age for Humanity.

Divine savior and judge mounted upon a white horse … Divine sword in hand … Fight against two demonic entities which deceive the world … Destruction of all evil by fire … Inauguration of a pure new world … Does this symbolism seem somewhat familiar to you? The last chapters of the biblical Apocalypse are just an Anuist plagiarism of the Hindu personage Kalki!

In the original prophecy Kalki is Enki and he will return in order to destroy all the evil of the degenerate Kali Yuga of Anu-Yahweh and his malevolent archangels. Enki, accompanied by his army of solar deities, the Anunnaki of Orion, will bring down the jehovitic New World Order, put an end to the deceptive system of the evil impostor ‘god’, annihilate the destructive illusory religions (Koka and Vikoka = Judeochristianity and Islam) of the evil Anu-Yahweh, establish his Golden Age here on Earth and restore the original Enkist spirituality.

The Prophecy of Thot, a parallel Egyptian forewarning, explains that at the end of the age of decadence, the reign of the EVIL ANGELS who displaced the original Gods, the great Divine Father and Maker will return in order to call back all those who have became lost in the darkness, cleanse the world of all the evil of the malevolent invaders, cast out all the impurity of the age of decadence by fire and war, purify nature, restore all that is sacred and usher in the future Golden Age of the primeval Gods. Thus the world will be born anew. Who is the Divine Father and Maker who will return to Earth and liberate the world from darkness according to the prophecy? In the ancient Egyptian culture the benevolent god Ptah, the Egyptian equivalent of Enki, was known as the ‘Maker’, a title which resembles Enki’s most common Sumerian epithet Nudimmud whose meaning is ‘Maker’. In the end, the Divine Father and Maker of this prophecy is identical to Enki and he will be the savior who will defeat the malevolent angels of the age of decadence and inaugurate the era of light.

Our great Enki, the true creator father of our race, will return to the Earth accompanied by his divine legions of Orion and will initiate the campaign for the liberation of our planet. He will put an end to the wickedness of Kali Yuga, the time of the malefic impostor ‘god’ Anu (El-Yahweh-Kronos-Saturn-Yaldabaoth), and will liberate us from the illusory world which the Anuist infamy has created.

Enki, the god of the primeval waters, is the lord of the Age of Aquarius. In that imminent era his long awaited Golden Age will begin here on Earth.

Enki is Satya, the Eternal Truth. Satya Yuga, the Era of Truth and Enlightenment, belongs to Enki, the authentic god of Humanity.

Enki has always been Satya from the beginning. However, the cosmic tyrant Anu-Yahweh, the real cosmic enemy of the human race, changed that ancient epithet of Enki from Satya (Eternal Truth) to Satan (adversary) with the goal of slandering his noble son and deceiving the world.

Satya Yuga will be a luminous era in which there will no longer be disease or extreme suffering, the lifespan of the human race will be restored back to its original antediluvian state, our divine psychic and spiritual faculties will be activated once again, the Opus Magnum or the achievement of godhood will be possible once more, good will prevail on Earth and our original Gods will walk with us and teach us the sciences of heaven.


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