GMO’s are killing you – your children – and generations to come

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GMO’s are killing you – your children – and generations to come.

Since the early nineties GMO food has been seeping into our food staples, often without us even knowing. While the companies and their related scientists keep on insisting that GMO’s are harmless, independent scientists – who are doing much more thorough research than the companies that bring these GMO’s to market – are clearly proving the opposite. GMO’s are killing you – your children – and generations to come.

When watching this documentary, it will become clear to you that GMO’s are causing sickness and diseases on an unprecedented scale. It is literally mind-boggling to see on what deep levels GMO’s influence ours and our children’s lives. And GMO’s can be found in so many food and derivatives that it has become almost impossible to know if your food is really GMO free.

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Did you know that we are drinking GMO’s, we are eating GMO’s, we are breathing GMO’s and GMO’s are being rained upon us ?

PLEASE! Do not be ignorant or indifferent about this information. If you have any sort of allergy, leaky gut or gastrointestinal problem, chances are that they might be linked to food intolerance caused by GMO’s. From the moment GMO’s where introduced into the food chain, many disease have skyrocketing. GMO’s are killing you – your children – and generations to come.

If you are one bit serious about your health (and you should be) then watch this movie: Genetic Roulette The Gamble Of Our lives. It is jam packet with MD’s, Phd’s and specialists who make it very clear that there is a genocide taking place and it are the insidious GMO developing companies like Monsanto that are at the root of this evil.

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