Center for Disease Control and Prevention involved in Fraud

Center for Disease Control and Prevention involved in Fraud

Every 7 minutes a child is being diagnosed with autism in the USA. Before the 1930’s autism was virtually non existent and now 1 in 45 children has autism and it is continuing to skyrocket. Statistics show that by 2032 every 1 in 2 children will have autism.

And it will not only affect the USA, wherever certain vaccines will be used, children will continue to suffer from vaccine injuries like brain damage, auto immune disease, bowel diseases, autism, …

To find out how the CDC in the USA has been involved in manipulation and research fraud, watch the following interview with the director of the movie Vaxxed, Del Bigtree and Dr. Andy Wakefield MB.BS.

Awareness needs to be spread far and wide about what is being done to our children.

Now, if this is new information to you, it isn’t new at all and we have posted 30 scientific studies that prove that vaccines cause autism before. It has been going around for a while now and every now and then we just need to re-post this information to continue to bring awareness.

Eleven cancer doctors were all recently found dead under suspicious circumstances within three months of each other. 

The doctors all had one thing in common: they discovered that the nagalase enzyme protein was present in vaccines administered to humans.

In the video below Luke Rudkowski  interviews Erin Elizabeth of health nut news.

Erin has been the lead investigative reporter into the cases surrounding the mysterious deaths of these holistic doctors.

Nagalase is a protein. In autistic children this protein is present in very high concentrations. Not only that every kind of cancer cell produces this protein. Are you comfortable with that in your vaccines?

Vitamin D is needed to fight cancer and it also prevents autism, nagalase is known to prevent your body from absorbing Vitamin D. Nagalase effectually disables your immune system. It’s also been linked to Type 2 Diabetes. So it makes your ask the question, Why were these doctors killed? Because the results of these Doctor’s research had produced evidence that vaccines that we are being injected with are in fact the cause of our sudden rise in cancer rates and also the rise in autism rates.

Makes you wonder if this is being done on purpose. The doctors that were found murdered in Florida had been working together and were preparing to go public with their research.

So why kill doctors who have made what you’d think were important discoveries that affect all of use. Depopulation is a theory, some people believe poison is intentionally added to vaccines as it’s law that children require vaccinations to attend school. This “survival of the fittest” idea sounds like something out of Nazi Germany, but it seems to be the case.

Dr. Ted Broer was invited to speak about the issue on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Strangely 1 hour was used up attempting get him on air as the 3 hour long show kept being brought down. Every alternative line was continuously disconnecting and finally their servers crashed.

Despite the cyber attack they finally the were eventually able to make contact via a secured line.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention involved in Fraud

Here’s a short clip of Dr. Ted Broer speaking on the subject.

Read our full article: Nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines creates cancer.




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