Covid Vaccine Victim – Dr. Eduardo Carlos Herrera Cotrina.

Peru: young doctor dead three weeks after Sinopharm COVID-19 “vaccine”

LIMA — A young doctor is dead not only after lecturing the public about the legitimacy of experimental shots, but also receiving his injection on camera.

Controversy has swirled around the experimental shots in Peru since last month. Former President Martín Vizcarra was impeached and removed from office in November for “permanent moral incapacity.” The impeachment sparked mass protests, with many Peruvians viewing it as a coup. It was later revealed that Vizcarra received an experimental shot against COVID-19 in October, well ahead of the general public. The media narrative is that these shots are altruistic lifesavers, so Vizcarra jumped in line ahead of poor people.

Peru commenced its official “vaccine rollout” on February 9 after receiving 300,000 doses of the Beijing-manufactured Sinopharm experimental shots. Peru Interim President Francisco Sagasti received the shot on camera that day to prove it was safe. Dr. Eduardo Carlos Herrera Cotrina worked at the Primary Care Center III Huaycán in Lima, Peru. Apparently some Peruvians did not believe President Sagasti really received the shot, and that it was all theater. Dr. Herrera Cotrina voiced his opinion on Facebook about the matter on February 13.


The young doctor took matters further when he received the experimental Sinopharm shot on February 22.

Dr. Eduardo Carlos Herrera Cotrina
Sinopharm was the only experimental shot against COVID-19 available at the time in Peru. Dr. Herrera Cotrina died less than three weeks later.


Of course the Peruvian medical establishment is forwarding the narrative that Dr. Herrera Cotrina died from COVID-19. But once again, “vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.”

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