We have been lied to !! We have been lied to in an unprecedented way by governments around the world. All space agencies are upholding the narrative of a globe earth while in reality our earth is flat. Here is the proof of our irrefutable flat earth!

For as long as we all know our educational system has been spoon feeding us lies that are supposedly backed up by science. Science based on theories, not reproducible isn’t science, that’s called pseudo science! The rabbit hole goes so deep that it’s hard to begin anywhere…

Although there already is an Inconvenient Truth section on this website that leads you to compelling articles, we felt the need to dedicate a separate section to the flat earth subject because it just goes beyond any other lie that is being perpetrated on mankind.

There also is a lot of disinformation on the internet, purposefully being spread to confuse the people. We will try to bring you only facts that will show you beyond any doubt that the earth is flat.

The best place to start? The history of the flat earth !


Irrefutable Flat Earth: 200 proofs the earth is flat!

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