Solving fresh water & drought problem.

Solving fresh water & drought problem.

As severe drought continues in some US states, people are asked to contribute through managing their personal water use with great care. They are asked not to flush the toilet as much, not to wash their car or water the lawn.

Oh, and by the way, these restrictions don’t apply for the industry or animal agriculture sector. Ok, moving on..

Wait, What? Do you mean that this consumption driven economy can keep on using billions of gallons of water and now you are asking us to restrict our personal water use?

Rather than coming up with a solution to the problem of drought, they would rather move to problem from the industrial to the public domain. Does that sound like the easy way out to you…?

So, what could be a better solution?

Desalination of ocean water !

The oceans contain 97% of the world’s water. Desalination technology transforms the vast amount of salt water in the Earth’s oceans into freshwater fit for human consumption. There are approximately 7,500 desalination plants in the world, 60% of which are in the Middle East. The global desalination industry has a capacity of approximately 28 million m3, less than 1% of global demand.Desalination is an expensive and energy intensive technology, and currently only wealthy countries with serious water shortages consider it a viable option. However, an innovation using nanotechnology has the potential to decrease the cost of desalination by 75%, making it a more viable option.

We find it hard to believe that this is a money issue, so why not install those desalination plants on a large scale around the US, or at least where the highest fresh water demand is?

Looking at the business sector that use the most water, the animal agriculture sector uses more than 50% of the available fresh water…!

At 93% of total global water consumption, the largest sector using our freshwater, however, is agriculture—over 50% of all water use being taken up by livestock. Once again—50% of all the water used on Earth is given to the animals raised and then killed for us to eat. How much do we use for our own drinking purposes? Less than 1% of all water consumed annually.

There are 70 billion animals raised and killed each year on Earth. They all require water. A few billion of these animals need up to 30 gallons per day—that’s over 100 times what we, as individuals, need to consume daily.

Another study adds to the overflow of evidence finding that the amount of water needed to produce one pound of beef is almost 1,600 gallons, compared to just 102 gallons for a pound of wheat.

Please watch the following documentary on animal agriculture and discover how it is the number 1 problem to the greenhouses gasses and global warming because of the methane excretion by live stock.


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Solving fresh water & drought problem.

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