The Moon Landings NEVER Happened

The Moon Landings NEVER Happened

As we have shown in a previous article, there are some serious deceptions and lies being spread by Nasa as to not disturb the status quo. The fakery and trickery they are using to deceive that taxpayer and to wheel in humongous budgets of more than 19 Billion dollars per year, are just incredible. But the plot is thickening and more and more evidence of their lies and fake missions is being unearthed.

Former NASA employee, Cyndi Holland, has made a jaw-dropping claim that the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked when she worked at the agency decades ago.Cyndi landed her dream her job at NASA as a contractor in the winter of 1996, a time when the agency was looking to employ more women and black people. The Moon Landings NEVER Happened


“I was a college student and janitor for the US Air Force when I applied for the contractor position with NASA,” she says.“It was the winter of 1996, I was a single mom to a five-year-old boy and was trying to get into a career. I was told by several Air Force employees that NASA wanted to hire women and black people, so I sent them my resume.” The Moon Landings NEVER Happened

Cyndi was offered a position of an entry-level IT support position where she managed the computer back up systems, managed the plotter machine from the SR71 flights, installed software and logged troubled calls.Cyndi found herself working right next to the NASA photo lab: “That’s where the photographic history was kept,” explains Cyndi. “It was off limits to most NASA employees unless escorted.” The Moon Landings NEVER Happened

YNW reports: Being situated next to the lab, she often heard the technicians and photographers chatting while they worked. One afternoon, she overheard two photo lab technicians discussing the Apollo 11 moon landing of 1969. “I could hear every word they said,” claims Cyndi.“It was only when I heard one of them say ‘I can’t believe everyone in the world fell for it. Surely everyone can see it was all fake, one big hoax’ that my ears pricked up.”

Despite the scandalous nature of this revelation, career-minded Cyndi, 28 at the time, engrossed in her work and not wanting jeopardize her job in any way, decided to forget about it. “I’m not sure if they knew I could hear them, if they wanted me to hear them… but they were being bold about it… I thought they were crazy and blew it off.”It was only much later – in 2009 – that the story sprang to Cindy’s mind once more. “I started to become aware of what was going on in the world and began to look into various conspiracies. It all started to fall into place.”

The first person she mentioned it to was her eldest son Brandon, then 18.“Brandon had already worked out for himself that the moon landings were fake, so I decided to tell him about what I’d heard at NASA. He wasn’t surprised.”Now 47, a mum of four and living in Phoenix, Arizona, Cindy has recently become involved with the Flat Earth Movement. Through this, she has discovered that fellow members believe that the Apollo 11 moon landing never happened and that much of what happens around NASA is fake. “I ‘woke up’ in 2009 and I learned about all the fake stuff the US government had done and were doing. Around that time, I remembered an engineer at Lockheed Martin – where I worked after I left NASA – telling me the earth was flat. I didn’t take it seriously at the time: it was not on my radar.”In May of 2016, Cyndi saw a YouTube video about the earth being flat…”I was very surprised,” she claims. “I was intrigued and started my journey.

For at least two weeks, I was in a daze, researching the subject overloading my brain with information.”Cyndi recalled the photo lab engineers at NASA laughing about how people believed in the moon landings and that’s when she realized the truth… those technicians, like the Lockheed engineer before them, KNEW the true shape of the earth! As Cyndi says:“They had to know if they worked in the photo lab… the pilots would bring photographers and take photos, they must have seen a ton of proof!”After further research, Cyndi has decided that it’s time to tell the world.“I had to speak out,” she says. “It’s too big a truth to withhold. I was afraid at first – worried about the repercussions – so didn’t speak to anyone about it for months. But now I don’t care who I lose or upset by sharing this truth. We are all flat earthers – some people just don’t know yet.”

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