This was 20 years ago in 1996. What has changed today? Positive progress is being made in the cancer research industry, but unfortunately, Doctors who dare to publish their findings on cures for cancer, end up dead !!!

Doctors working on cancer cures murdered.

Often times, in political and governmental circles, all morals and values are thrown over board when it comes to money, and this certainly also goes for the pharmaceutical industry. They are in business for making money, not for curing you, but for keeping you perpetually ill. There is no money in healthy or dead people, so they want to keep you sick so they can sell you another pill to counter the side effects you have from previously prescribed “medicines”. The objective is not to treat and cure the disease, the objective is to suppress the symptoms with a pill, so you need to keep coming back for those pills, while you still remain sick.

How sad is this reality? How long is this society going to allow these malevolent practices? Will you only raise your voice if it happens to you or someone you love?

How is it that laws are being created to put people in jail if they use natural cures to treat cancer?

We think that anyone who lives in a country that forces their people to have cancer inducing vaccinations, as we have shown in a previous article, and that refuses to help their people in administering affordable and natural cures for diseases, should seriously think about migrating to a country in which life is more worth than the price of a pill.

In the below video, a highly decorated officer explains who his daughter was murdered by the industry. It is just extremely sad!

If you, or anyone close to you, should ever be struck by any form of cancer, please do research in curing yourself with natural products.

Some good advice from Dr. Mercola will help you in getting informed.

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