When you read this meme, just let your mind rest for 5 minutes, and wind down. Become the observer of your thoughts and ask yourself; Who is thinking these thoughts and who is observing them.

HOW TO TAP INTO COSMIC ENERGYYour self-awareness will kick in for a moment, and in that moment, allow for divine downloads of information through your crown chakra. You might start to feel a slight tingling on the top of your skull and/or around your head.

When this happens, you are receiving the cosmic energy which can be perceived when fully aware of your own divinity.

It might not happen the first time you try, but with a little practice it will happen. When it does happen, allow, and be grateful for it will elevate your frequency of perception and awaken you to your true self.

Be humble and thankful for the experience, and emanate the love received for it is your hearts purpose to do so.

The efficacy of this practice lies in its simplicity. We all are by design connected to the universal consciousness. Consciously tapping into it requires just a little awareness.

If you find it difficult to silence your mind, you can try the following short 6 minute visualization meditation which will give you an idea of how to tap into the cosmic energy and will allow you to extend this meditation for as long as you wish. After hearing this meditation a few times, you can do this meditation without the guidance and take as much time as you like to do this.

Tapping into cosmic energy meditation.

Cosmic Energy Meditation from Awaken Consciousness on Vimeo.

After doing this meditation several times you won’t need the guided meditation anymore and you will be able to visualize this on your own anytime and anywhere you want to.

May your light shine bright and your love permeate your reality.

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan


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