Destination from the Light – Moving Forward

This article should be read as a sequel to Heidi’s first article in which she writes on her struggle with the illnesses she was enduring throughout her life.

Destination from the Light – Moving Forward

When sharing the story of my recovery, one question always is asked…if I was in such a deep state of unconsciousness, how was I able to even begin the healing process and what was that first initial act of self-healing and recovery? Certainly, this is a valid question. How in the depths of desperation, illness, or hopelessness does anyone begin the process of healing and recovery?

My memory of that first attempt of the moment, was lying in bed with total fatigue after many such seizures. I don’t know how long I had been there in that state, but all I knew was that I was not able to move any part of my body, not even a finger. The only control I seemed to have was within my thoughts. That is where my healing process began and now as a naturopathic health practitioner, I understand it is where all healing begins…by thought.

In recent years, the understanding of Mind/Body Healing has been brought to the forefront of mainstream health and wellness research and understanding. This is the basis of holistic healing. The medical establishment has been proving that the mind can cure the body for over 50 years. We call it “the placebo effect,” and it has been proven to cause resolution of symptoms and real physiological change. There are basic fundamentals of this process and I would like to share the steps that I took.

Step 1: Accept and Embrace:

Healing starts with the acceptance of ourselves in the present and the embracing of our illness. I discovered that in all the years of fighting my condition, I was working against my own healing. As long as illness is fought, it serves as a blockage, and energy of healing cannot effectively flow. Total acceptance of myself and my situation in the moment was fundamental.

Illness is humbling and serves a great purpose of self-acceptance and unconditional love of the divine self, just as we are, right now, in the present. It is a time to learn the value of our own spiritual identity that is far-reaching beyond our physical self. Love and accept the present as a valuable tool of development. Accept, Embrace, and Love the wholeness of the present you.

#2 Intent and Desire:

Establishing the true intent and desire was crucial for me because I wanted to do so with realistic expectation. In my case…I began by establishing the desire to move a finger. I first had to establish intent and desire that I could move that finger, which began with the imaging and visualization of what it was like to move that finger. As I thought and visualized, the movement, physical response successfully followed. With each little miniscule success, my intent and desires were quickly broadened.

#3 Believe:  

I had to actively exercise my faith to believe that despite all history of disappointment, I had within my inner strength and power to heal myself. I actively exercised the memories I had beyond the movement of a finger; to dance, run, and celebrate good health.

As we study such subjects of brain storms and spontaneous remission, we learn that the very act of belief changes the neurological responses controlling the natural healing responses of the body including that of the immune, circulatory, and neuromuscular systems.

#4 Collect Positive Support:

Equally essential to personal positive belief, is the nurturing care of someone optimistic who shares your positive belief. This person must be your greatest advocate and include you in true partnership, respect your intuition, care for your wellbeing, and ensure you that you won’t be alone on your self-healing journey. For me, that was my family and devoted husband.

#5 Listen To Your Body:

During this process, I remember literally re-friending myself. Detaching from the self I had known in the past and reintroducing me to myself in a newly empowered partnership. I established myself as a member of this support system and began to ask me and my body what it wanted, needed and did not like. To my surprise, it intuitively spoke back, almost in audible voice within my psyche. I listened, respected, trusted, and responded.

#6 Determine the Root Cause:

As I listened and responded to my body, I began to improve and was able to determine consistencies and patterns of response. This was something I had not been able to do before. It began to help me come to the root cause of illness. Illness is a wakeup call, forcing us to face issues and become accountable for what is really true in our lives. We can either play the victim or we can use illness as an opportunity to awaken. Healing is a conscious decision.

#7 Establish Your Protocol:

Form a plan and be as specific as you can, with full commitment to put your plan into action! If possible, find a qualified and credentialed naturopathic, holistic, or integrative health practitioner. In my case, I read many books on natural healing, focused to the specifics of my condition, and then formed a self-guided action plan for optimal health and full recovery. This included radical diet changes including a modified ketogenic diet, an exercise regimen of walks with my family, meditation and reiki, and my natural medical treatment plan including amino acids, herbs, and supplements.

#8 Surrender to the Outcome:

This is the step in which we learn to fully implement our faith and learn the art of surrender. When I had done all I knew to do, I truly surrendered it all. As one adopts a positive attitude and connects to intuition, the body establishes the answer of root cause. When the plan is put into action…then let it go. Do not allow any thoughts of guilt, blame, or shame, as this only activates more stress responses and harms the body, sabotaging healing processes. It is now time to allow the spirit and body to do the rest.  I believe that our souls come here to learn lessons, and illness can be a spiritual practice to learn our life lessons as a part of our soul’s destiny. Take a deep breath, trust, and surrender attachment to any particular health outcome, and let any health condition you face be an opportunity for spiritual awakening.

#9 Give Gratitude!

This is probably the most important of all, as this is the key to lasting health. It is fundamental to maintain the healing that you have been blessed and gifted with. Always…Give and Live in Gratitude!

by Heidi Hoke, PhDc., NDc., HHP, CHt.

About the author

Destiny from the Light - Moving Forward

Heidi is founding owner and practitioner of Vitae Pondera Institute of Natural Health. She is presently writing dissertation work for dual-doctorate degrees in Holistic Health and Naturopathy (PhD and N.D.) at Kingdom College of Natural Health. She completed a Master of Science degree specializing in Homeopathy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health as a Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. Heidi works in a private naturopathic, practice, having earned designation as a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), offering educational support for Alzheimer’s patients and their families throughout east Texas. She offers a diversity of natural medical options including medical hypnotherapy as an adjunct modality since receiving her certification in Advanced Hypnotherapy by the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472-2011. As a Board Certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission, (Cert. No. 90313412), she is founding leader of AHNA: Expanding Resources Chapter,  for the American Holistic Nurses Association, dedicated to educational and cultural diversity of holistic practices within the integrative medical community.

Heidi can be contacted via her website:

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