Tree of Infinite LifeHere at Awaken Consciousness we celebrate LIFE and LOVE.

The beauty of life in all it’s diversity. We choose to do so because we can, and because it is our right to do so. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

When you begin to understand that you hold the key to your own happiness, and nobody else, then your materialistic craving will stop. If you aren’t happy with what you already have, then why would you be happier with things that you don’t yet have? If that is what makes you happy, then you are an endorphin addict, and you are constantly craving for your next hit and the next new “thing” time after time after time…. Not realizing you are living constantly towards your next new thing and unable to enjoy whatever it is you have NOW.

When you realize that your social, economical and cultural conditioning is the cause of materialistic craving, you will understand that that is not where happiness lies and is as far as one can get from the essence of life.

We celebrate life by recognizing the beauty and the diversity of it. The beauty of ALL life, ALL nature, ALL beings, on and off this planet. Because ALL life is simply incredible.

When I look around me and I observe the world, I see that 99% of the population takes too much for granted and have stopped realizing the divinity of life and how consciousness gives expression off itself through life. It is simply amazing if you think about it, and yet everybody rushes around in great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.

Another illusion that I see people are being conditioned by is the illusion of property. The social and cultural conditioning here is strong, and yet it fades away like snow before the sun if you realize that ALL property is simply borrowed goods. We don’t own anything because wherever it is we are going, we can’t take our “property” with us.

We leave this world the same way we have entered it… With nothing.

So wouldn’t it be a great idea to use whatever riches it is that we have gathered to celebrate life, to help each other where necessary and to pay forward that principle?


Infinite LoveWe celebrate LOVE because love is what keeps us going… Love of life, love of music, love of nature, love for your loved ones,… And then there is that special kind of love that you might have for that one person. That one person that gives you this feeling… Feelings so deep you can’t find a language to describe them in and words would hardly do them any justice.

That feeling that charges your heart with electricity… , because you know what? That is exactly what happens! The heart is capable of emitting an electro-magnetic (EM) field 5000 times stronger than our brains EM field, and it can extend far beyond our own physical body. This is how we are influencing each other on an emotional level, when our EM field interacts with each other. This can be in a positive way but also in a negative way, depending on ones current emotional state.

When lovers are in each other presence, or a loved one is near, these EM fields can interact strongly with each other and can create this unexplainable feeling of love and happiness.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. ~ Albert Einstein

Love is the life force and the source energy. Love is the energy that transcends all.

So celebrate Life and celebrate Love, and realize that it is YOU who makes this conscious choice to live your life like this. No external influences can have the slightest effect on you to prevent you from celebrating Life and Love as long as YOU do not allow them to!

Let’s take back our divinity and entrench this world in Love and Unity. Let’s teach this to our children and to their children and change this world in one generation.

Anything is possible. We can make this turn around happen quickly together!

~ Giri Dayakar Jagamohan

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