Society Needs to Wake Up

The current state of humanity’s reality is one big cluster-fu@k, as well as a mystical dream, and that is why Society Needs to Wake Up.

However, some of the people who are disengaging from ‘mainstream programming’, ‘social engineering’ and are waking up to the realities of our world, have only awoken to one side of the equation.

Therefore, this list serves as a reminder of both the educational and conceptual ‘awakenings’ that need to occur on a widespread scale to transform our social systems into their new stage of evolution.

Our future generations are depending on us not being asleep at the wheel.

Regardless of how challenging at first it is to take in, when we do the ‘proper’ research, we understand that:

1. The economic principle of ‘growth’ is irrational, unsustainable and harmful to the interdependent ecology of life on earth

2. Multinational corporations are evading tax whilst the burden is put on the populace, however sovereign nations can literally create their own publicly operated central banks so that there is no need to pay interest (deficit) to the private banking families (which North Dakota and Hungary have already done, and Iceland potentially too)

3. The free market has been hijacked by crony capitalism, ‘socialism for the rich’ and a fraudulent monetary system

4. The majority of the food we are being fed is laced with toxic and unhealthy chemicals and is causing widespread damage to our health

5. Industrial agriculture is killing natural systems, mostly because of its monoculture approach and its use of oil-based chemicals

6. The scientific establishment is riddled with dogma, especially because of its ‘unscientific’ bias for the debunked philosophy of ‘materialism’, and it has become a corporate institution which will generally fund research only if its for the benefit of making money

7. The education model completely misses life lessons around social, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual health, as well as indoctrinates our kids into robotic, ill-informed and status-maintaining mindsets

8. Mainstream society has been brainwashed into ‘believing’ the ‘official’ narratives spread by the power structures who own the mainstream media. They have also been conditioned with materialistic, individualistic and consumerist ideologies that have caused epidemics of community breakdown, ill-health, unhappiness and spiritual disconnection

9. Pharmaceutical giants have monopolized our medicine and have suppressed cures for many diseases, such as several natural remedies proven to eradicate cancer, as well as fail to provide true knowledge around preventing disease, such as proper diet and nutrition

10. Globalization is destroying our natural world and has disintegrated communities through the demise of their local economies, value systems, cultural self-respect, self-determination and behavioral health

11. Alternative energy technologies have been suppressed, including free energy, so that current corporate structures have no competition to replace it with

12. The earth and her natural systems are being significantly degraded by human activity and we are in the midst of the sixth greatest extinction of life on earth

13. People across our globe, both in so-called developed and developing nations, are suffering needlessly due to systemically created socioeconomic disadvantage

14. The wealth inequality gap is increasing at greater speed and the large majority of the wealth and resources of our planet are ‘owned’ by a select few

15. Many so-called conspiracy theories are actually based in evidence and truth

16. Our so-called leaders are not doing what’s best for us, they’re ignorantly following the mandate issued by their bosses

The Global Take-Over Agenda

Once we look into why this is happening, we begin to see scattered patterns of information that indicate more or less the following:

17. The world is being run by deeply embedded power structures, which have many different layers and go by many different names, such as ‘elite’, ‘cabal’, ‘illuminati’, ‘empire’, ‘banksters’, ‘globalists’ and ‘neo-conservatives’, which will hereon be referred to as the World’s Mainstream Dictators (WMDs)

18. The WMDs are connected to centuries-old secret societies and have infiltrated many governments and corporate structures all over the planet

19. The aim is to establish a New World Order (NWO) under strict control.

20. The development of secret trade agreements, such as the TPP, TTIP and TiSA, are designed to consolidate power and are precursors to it

21. Countries like the US and regions like the European Union have lost their democratic status as they are being run under oligarchical and fascist conditions

22. Politicians are routinely purchased through the ‘private’ funding of their political campaigns and now represent multinational corporations and the WMDs, not the people

23. Huge multinational organisations are the face of them and many of their executive employees, as well as politicians, have little idea that they are being used to fulfill an authoritarian agenda

24. The military-industrial-media-politico-banking complex causes widespread suffering for humanity

25. Over the last century particularly, many individuals – such as military personel, politicians, bankers, scientists, inventors and others – have come forward as whistle-blowers of this system

26. The WMDS are containing humanity through mechanisms such as loss of privacy, pharmaceuticals, GMOs and pollutants

27. The mainstream media is owned or controlled by this structure and is full of disinformation and propaganda for specific purposes (the masses are fed with fear-based and image-driven stories of reality)

28. The war-on-drugs is illegitimate, socially destructive and has been a smokescreen for shadow drug trades; this failed policy has resulted with massively adverse impacts on society, including increased addiction, imprisonment and criminal activity, as well as the inhibition of our individual freedom to explore consciousness

29. We are at risk of being ‘programmed’ into a matrix of emotional, spiritual, psychological and behavioral control

30. ‘Chemtrail’ programs are being executed across the globe for different purposes, such as geoengineering and weaponization

31. There are other secret programs and technologies that are hidden from public awareness

32. Many acts of ‘terrorism’ were false flags

33. The Middle East occupation is to acquire resources and consolidate global power

34. ISIS and other ‘terrorist’ groups are funded by shadows to destabilize particular regions and control them by appointing their own political agents

35. Controlled institutions have been long involved in the drug trade to fund black ops

36. The WMDs are already at war with an alliance in both Eastern and Western institutions. WWIII is a possibility which has the potential to escalate into a full blown nuclear engagement

37. The global economic model, including the ‘private’ central banking system which creates money out of thin air and enslaves governments and its citizens to paying interest as debt, is designed to consolidate the world’s wealth and resources

38. The global economy has not recovered from the 2008 GFC due to ‘orchestrated’ monetary policy and little to no legislative changes to the banking and finance sectors

39. There is a purposely created massive global money bubble – inflated particularly in the derivatives, bonds, stocks and real estate markets, as well as private debt – to cause the collapse of the global economy so that they can offer a NWO as a solution

40. This economic implosion is due in the short to mid-term future

41. The police are being militarized in some countries

42. Spying and data retention are mechanisms to monitor the populace and to pave the way for totalitarianism

The Solutions

Sounds out of control right? Wrong. In response to this fu@ked up state of the world, we have searched for solutions, so now we understand that:

43. Individuals are realising they cannot trust the system and its leaders and are therefore waking up at an ever increasing rate and contributing to a collective tipping point for the masses to awaken together

44. We do not have to accept the ways in which we’ve been brainwashed; we can reprogram or recondition ourselves to become more ‘conscious’ snapshots of reality

45. Advanced meditation is a valuable process of healing, mind expansion and self-administered psychotherapy, as well as transcending the limitations of cultural conditioning and personal beliefs

46. Individuals are increasingly disconnecting from the corrupted systems and are living in independent, healthy, progressive and sustainable ways

47. Truly ethical political parties and social movements are being formed all over the world to flush out the widespread cancer of our contemporary state of affairs

48. Alternative media is increasingly sifting through the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media and are also increasingly attracting individuals to information that more closely aligns with the truth

49. Celebrities are progressively respecting the power they have to connect with the masses and are speaking out about this mess

50. Renewable and advanced energy technologies, including industrial hemp, are being adopted on a more widespread scale

51. Awakening people are increasingly connecting via various online platforms and counter-culture movements

52. Ancient medical and healing applications are being successfully adopted by more people

53. Revolutionary models – such as the resource based economies of Ubuntu, The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement – have been designed to provide an abundance of resources for all of humanity

54. There’s a decentralized revolution in the making through assorted grass root movements, such as Occupy, Anonymous, Greens, alternative medicines, permaculture, Transition Towns, Community Gardens and many, many others

55. We can become our own activist and contribute our own energy to the cause, no matter how small the impact

The Dream

Okay, so now reality appears more hopeful, but then we arrive at the dream:

56. We are interdependently connected with the external realm, regardless if we look at it through the lens of ecology, quantum mechanics or the many spiritual disciplines which make this wisdom clear

57. We are living in a ‘life-full’ and ‘mind-full’ reality; the universe itself is ‘alive’

58. The mainstream concept of God is the superficial and corrupted version and is what atheists claim to not believe in, however they don’t realize that most spiritual people don’t believe in that version either

59. God is really just a word to describe the interconnected totality of existence, however just as valid terms are Consciousness; Source; Energy; Mind; the Field; the Akashic Field; the Zero-point Energy Field; Quantum Field of Possibilities; the Collective Unconscious; Undivided Wholeness; Nirvana; Intelligence; Holographic universe; Divinity; Cosmic Psyche; Light; Love; Spirit; One etc.

60. God only becomes self-aware through creatures such as humans, so we are literally God looking back on itself

61. Our human consciousness is simply a finite snapshot of infinite awareness

62. Humans, like all life-forms, are multidimensional energy in a life-abundant reality

63. Consciousness, not matter, is the core of existence; when we open our eyes, we don’t see matter, we see consciousness

64. We have at least three brains (i.e. organs containing neurons or nerve cells): 100 billion in the big brain, 100 million in the little brain (i.e. digestive system), and 40,000 in our hearts, all of which interconnect NOT to generate, but receive or filter interconnected consciousness

65. The observer plays a creative role in manifesting physical reality, as proven by the quantum sciences, illustrating that we have the innate power to co-create our reality

66. Consciousness and mental activity literally alters the physical world

68. Our minds and beliefs can either heal or hurt our bodies, which is why meditation is so effective

69. Our energetic blueprint designs our destiny, which is the natural path that we need to take to grow, whilst our free choice designs our fate, which is the electromagentic vibrations we emit and attract throughout our day-to-day experiences

70. Parapsychological research has clearly illustrated the human capacity to utilize the mind beyond conventional space-time and undertake extraordinary feats, such as telepathy, precognition, presentiment, psychokinesis and clairvoyance

71. Individual consciousness appears to survive the death of the body (see research on NDE’s and OBE’s)

72. We are collectively evolving into a more expanded, empowered and enlightened state of consciousness.

Final Thoughts

With this information contextualized together, it’s clear there’s no need to fear. All we need to do is continue to awaken on our own personal path, as well as help the external realm, which is a reflection of who we are at our core, to see clearer too.

Do your own, robust research. Share truthful information. Engage with social movements. Be mindful of consumption. Practice sustainable living. Increase personal independence from the corrupted systems.

Live. Love. Learn.

Connect. Respect.



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